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Woofy Winner Wednesday: Greg Grunberg


Based on emails, comments, and poll (76-152), Greg Grunberg reigned supreme as your woofiest gorgeous Grunberg.  The following photos of Mr. Grunberg’s Matt Parkman character are taken from Sparklies Gallery: Heroes.  As these are large file-sized photos, clicking on the photos actually sends you to a direct link of the original images hosted on Sparklies Gallery.  I know it’s bad to leech, but Sylar’s eyebrows told me to…








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Greg Grunberg: Shirtless Scenes In “Heroes” (Season 1)

Something’s missing…

I love Heroes* and even though Season 2 was somewhat of a letdown (mainly due to the Writers Strike), I am very eager to seeing Season 3.

Ah.  Peek-a-boo!

More importantly, will we get to see some Greg Grunberg skin as we did in Season 1?  Come on, writers, it’s not that hard.  Even reward us with a brief 5-second scene where he’s waking up shirtless.  Something.  Anything.  Lol.

Speaking of his shirtless scenes in Season 1, here they be.

* Despite and because of its Watchmen similarities, specifically Season 1’s main plotline.

[FACT: Greg Grunberg’s brother is Brad Grunberg.]

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