Shirtless Saturday: Wolverine, Strongman Edition (Brad Dunn)


Wolverine is a comic book superhero who’s definitely bearish in my opinion.  He’s furry, he’s stocky, and endowed with bulging muscles.  As much as I love Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, he just did not have the physique I was personally hoping for.  So on Shirtless Saturday, here is a prime example of a perfect Wolverine physique: strongman Brad Dunn.  I feel like turning Salt N Pepa on y’all on while rapping, “A body like Brad Dunn with a Jackman’s (thespian) skill”…

A big “Thank You” to BassBoom of Real Thick Yahoo Group for introducing me to this spectacular woofy strongman…


brad-dunn-wolverine-01Most of these photos are from



The following YouTube videos display Brad “Wolvie” Dunn’s amazing display of brutish power and, oh, who am I kidding?  Enjoy these videos of a shirtless strongman, you guys!  -_^

(higher quality version)

(higher quality version)

To end this post, here is a related, yet random, Shirtless Saturday/BearFic crossover…  Where the Strongest Men and the Marvel Universe collide…

garrick-gerard-benderoth-brad-dunnBrad Dunn (right) plays Wolverine
Garrick (left) plays the equivalent of a Mary Jane Watson
Gerard Benderoth (middle) plays…

rhino-gerard-benderothSpidey wins the award for melodrama.
C’mon.  You know you like it down there!

Our hero, Wolverine, already has a handful of the bullgoonish Rhino, also faces the following villainous shirtless behemoths…

scott-mendelson-and-ryan-kennellyScott Mendelson and Ryan Kennelly

dan-ford-atlas-stonesDan Ford

c3v05594_webUnknown Strongman Goon #1

c3v05195_webUnknown Strongman Goon #2

And just because I can (Heroes-style), Ryan Kennelly makes another appearance in all of his beefy shirtless glory…


14 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Wolverine, Strongman Edition (Brad Dunn)”

  1. Unknown strongman goon #1 is Rob lewis of Elizabeth CO. He is still active in strongman and is about to enter his first year as a Master’s competitor. A good guy and strong as an ox!

  2. bearmythology, hey cheers for the link. yes John or Johnathan or whatever he wants to be called is a handsome stud. Hope we didn’t chase Tommy off with too much enthusiasm, he’s a very good looking man as well.

  3. @ BigNHusky:
    Thank you! And I agree with you with Johnathan Conner (thanks to Tommy). Though I believe that his name is John Conner:

    And let me just approve with the statement that Tommy is indeed INSANELY HOT!

    @ DG:
    Hugh Jackman in the “Wolverine” trailer is a bit bigger, but I can’t seem to find it “hot.” It’s just me. 🙂

    @ Buddy:
    I’m on it like white on rice!

  4. Yeah,I checked out Johnathan on flickr too.He’s one HOT Red Bear! Will,you need to take a look at this guy-WOOF!

  5. WSM is the best thing that ever happened to ESPN! These guys are such men’s men it’s hard to imagine they have girlfriends or wives, but it seems a lot of them do. Kind of wrecks my fantasy of them wrecking me!

  6. hey Tommy, thanks for the info, no doubt about it Johnathan is mighty fine. Any other pics of him you could point us to? Also after checking out your flickr link, I just wanna say dude you are insanely hot!

  7. Brad Dunn. Wow.

    You shouldn’t be disappointed with Hugh Jackman’s physique right now… Have you seen the new Wolverine trailer?

    He’s not as big as Dunn, but it’s pretty impressive.

  8. Thanks Tommy,I noticed Johnathan too & was also wondering. All these guys are WOOF! Guess I need to go to strongman competitions- the one stop Bear shop.

  9. hey, bignhusky, the guy in the third pic down with the red chin whiskers is Johnathan Conner, 6’6, 370 pounds, date of birth: 11/8/1984.

  10. You score again! Dunn looks too much like a BB for me, but thats ok I was too busy drooling over (1) the third pic down, lower right of the frame, big thick burly with red chin whiskers, WHO IS THAT??…….and (2) Gerard Benderoth ftw, one of the hottest bullgoon lugs on the planet, perfect as Rhino. If you must show him wearing a shirt, thats the perfect one, do you want it, YES DADDY!

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