Chunky Indian Wrestlers & That Big Bear From “Slumdog Millionaire”

chota-imam-bux-and-mdralaChota, Imam-Bux, and Mdrala [OldTimeStrongman]

Blog reader, Jorge, has emailed me some links and photos of Indian wrestlers for whom he had referred to as “chunky.”  I can’t describe it any better than that.  These beefy Indians are definitely chunky and hunky…



It’s interesting that I just got this email because I just saw Slumdog Millionaire for the 5th time last night.  I just have to say that it is my favorite movie of 2008.   If I have a Top 10 list, it would be my Number 1 film.  It’s that good.

Anyway, I’m probably trying too hard to make a connection about the following Indian wrestlers photos with a film shot in India.  However, it’s also a chance for me to ask the Eagle-Eyed Scouts out there — or, rather, Bear-Eyed Scouts — to direct me to the name of that big bearish bodyguard.  His character was called “Punnoose” but I think IMDb is incorrect with the actor’s name (Uday Chopra) as he does not look remotely like him.





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