Ryan Vierra: Highland Games Bear


Ryan Vierra is a 5-Time World and 11-Time U.S. National Champion of the Highland Games.  But to me, he’s an all-time bearish champion in regards to his magnificent physique and handsome face.  He had gotten bigger over the past few years where he started as a musclebear and is now a musclechub.  His belly has definitely grown in size.

Here is one of his Training Logs in this video. Wait for his “Power Snatch” routines and you’ll see why I’m highly recommending that section of the video.  Anyway, out of all the current training logs, this one is the best because it’s the only one where he’s wearing a tanktop.  Lol, talk about shallow.  😛

Log 6 Training for the 2009 Highland Games World Championships

And speaking of tanktops…








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5 thoughts on “Ryan Vierra: Highland Games Bear”

  1. Man oh Man that betterwithout madness sure reeks of a certain female heavy events competitor to me! I knew them both very well when I did promotional work for them in the 90s. Ryan was always gracious, humble, cooperative and reliable. His counterpart was entirely the opposite, and a vindictive backstabbing piece of work to boot.

  2. I have had the misfortune of working with this terrible, terrible man. If you ever meet him do not take him up on any of his offers to go and train with him. It will start off to be a great experience, but if you do it for any significant period of time you will find that Ryan is an truly an evil person and has only his own interests at heart. Ryan is an incredibly knowledgeable coach but lets his emotions get in the way of all that he does. You had better hope that you do not catch him on one of his bad days because he will find ways to take anything that you do wrong and hold it against you for the rest of the time that you know him. Trust me you are better without him. Plus, the work ethic that Ryan always talks about and that this web site makes him out to have is most definitely not present. If you meet him you will notice that since these pictures and videos were taken, Ryan has put on about another hundred or so pounds and is truly a glutton that enjoys nothing more than sitting on his ass, watching youtube, and making everyone around him miserable. But other than that, he is a great guy!

  3. Def looks like he has beefed up more, I been aware of him for a while. Very handsome face and now a big burly build. In the video there seems be a lot of groin action during his lifts, i.e., no jock. Lookin real good!

  4. Road trip! Im going to the Highland Games! Clan Bear-Im there.Now we’re talking. Bears In kilts-scrumpbearilicious!

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