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[BearPit] Ryan Vierra: Of Tanktops & Nip Slips

ryan-vierra-trophyI’d award him a trophy just for being amazingly hot

Here are some older screenshots of Ryan Vierra wearing a tanktop.  The big bonus?  Money shots of my fetish as well as some nip slips.  For all things that are holy, don’t these beefy guys know that we go nuts at such mere acts of wanton sexiness?!










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Ryan Vierra: Highland Games Bear


Ryan Vierra is a 5-Time World and 11-Time U.S. National Champion of the Highland Games.  But to me, he’s an all-time bearish champion in regards to his magnificent physique and handsome face.  He had gotten bigger over the past few years where he started as a musclebear and is now a musclechub.  His belly has definitely grown in size.

Here is one of his Training Logs in this video. Wait for his “Power Snatch” routines and you’ll see why I’m highly recommending that section of the video.  Anyway, out of all the current training logs, this one is the best because it’s the only one where he’s wearing a tanktop.  Lol, talk about shallow.  😛

Log 6 Training for the 2009 Highland Games World Championships

And speaking of tanktops…








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Chad Aichs: Huge Powerlifter And Strongman

These are probably old photos to most of you, but they’re new to me.  It’s the handsomely massive powerlifter and strongman, Chad Aichs.  This is the first time I have ever seen him with a full beard, and it’s definitely woofy.

Make sure to check out his Official Site and Training Log at EliteFTS.  The Training Log does not have a lot of photos, but there are quite a handful of beautiful and stunning photography taken by — who else? — the big man himself.  Here’s one:

Wow, first it’s Bullgoon King, Gerard Benderoth, with the Art Major.  And now we have Chad Aichs with the passion for photography.  What a beautiful world this is…  And speaking of beautiful…

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Big Tony Scrivens: Of Strongmen, BBQ, & Cheesecakes

D.T. sent me some Tony Scrivens photos that I haven’t seen before; and from what I saw, I was definitely floored and stunned by them (thank you, D.T.!).  Man, what a musclebear.  What a musclebear…

I love how the Samson Power logo is positioned between such massive thighs…

Oh My God.  No!  The VHS tape of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is
dangerously teetering off a roll of packing tape while weighted on by
some exercise-thingamajig.

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