Shirtless Saturday: Andrew Anderson


thewrestler01Andrew Anderson in The Wrestler

I have posted twice about him (here and here) but did not know who he was.  Blog reader, Kevin, then sent me an email with not just this beefy musclebear’s name but a link to a goldmine of his photos which then literally caused me heart palpitations.  You think I’m exaggerating?  Here are just some of the photos of the woofy, and finally, not unknown wrestler named Andrew Anderson.


All of these fantastic photos are from getlostphotos’ SmugMug photo site.








Is there a term for the crease between the belly’s bottom portion and the hip?  If there is one, then that “part” gets me all hot and bothered.  😛




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6 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: Andrew Anderson

  1. mostincredibles says:

    a hot man! hey, it’s time for the gays to start liking long(er) haired hot men (bear or whatever).. i feel long hair men are hot, look more straight like (coz. so many gay images were ready-made from age old cookie cutters) and turn on. Andrew looks kind of like a husky version of Tim Robin. i like that face a lot.

  2. DG says:

    Belly fold?

    I got nothing.

  3. @ DG:
    Pretty tough, eh? “Belly fold” kinda sounds like some type of cosmetic surgery procedure but I think I’m gonna go with it. I mean, there’s gotta be a term for it. I mean, why do “plumber’s crack” and “butt crack” sound fine, yet “belly crack” sounds like it’s suffering from dryness of the skin.

    How about “love handles’ fold”? Or I guess it’s “the line below the love handles.” Man, this is one of the greatest mysteries of life… -_^

  4. Damn, he’s the most gorgeous, amazing thing. I love his hair, his body, his attitude (even if it’s a gimmick).

    And one day I hope I can become as big, strong and beautiful as he is.

  5. […] I love YouTube’s “Recommended For You” feature.  If it wasn’t for that, I never would have found this 2-year old David Hasselhoff parody…  Check out the “belly fold”!  […]

  6. i talked to andy,on 5-08-09 about being a masked wrestler in mexico, called el wolfo blanco for promotion e.m.l.l. in 1998, and he said he never wrestled in mexico.this talk was in binghamton n.y.

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