Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Manuel Martinez


Two Woofy Tuesday is on a brief hiatus and in its place is Beary Yummy Seconds (I have a Filipino accent, you see).  Also, this is a way for me to finally voice my own opinion on who I would have voted.

The very first poll was the popularity contest between shot putters, Manuel Martinez and Christian Cantwell.  Unfortunately, I was still learning with running the polls so I prematurely ended the poll the very next day instead of next week.  Nevertheless, I tracked the poll until the following week and Christian won all the way.  As for who I would have voted, I would have picked Manuel Martinez, hands down.  Christian definitely possesses that perfect bear physique, but Manuel has this beefy and stocky build that’s covered with magnificent fur that never fails to wow me.  I definitely can’t wait to see him in his acting debut.

So on today’s Beary Yummy Seconds, we have Manuel Martinez for your visual delights…

manuel-martinez-collage-by-dirkCollage was made by the smartest & hottest bear porn star I’m blessed to know, Dirk.








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9 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Manuel Martinez”

  1. No, he ISN’T actually in the movie, one of the characters of the movie is watching TV and speaks of Manuel Martinez, that’s all.

  2. LOL, I would like to kiss him all over his body… I think he is one of the most beautiful men in the world.. anyhow, I’ve heard he is on the Cachorro bear movie.. is this a lie?… I can’t find the movie and verify by myself… and if he is in it, what does he do in it? 😀

  3. Still hot, for sure! Dear lord.

    And so viril.

    But black hair or shaved head are a looot better than the last hairstyle…

  4. the two pics of Manuel with a flattop holding the shot are pretty awesome. Looks like a younger Ryan Vierra in a way……

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