Jay “Hollywood” Hughes


Steve Collins’ PowerShotsMag.com is a spectacular website that celebrates the sport of Strongman.  It’s more focused on British strongmen, but that’s nary a problem.  If it didn’t, I never would have discovered a handful of sexy beasts from that site.  One musclebear, for example, truly stood out…  Take a gander at Mr. Jay “Hollywood” Hughes, a bodybuilder turned strongman (check out his interview here).  “Hollywood” is right.  I’m positively star-strucked…

I just want to shout out a big thank you for Mr. Steve Collins for such fantastic photography work.  You can tell that he truly loves the sport and its athletes.  He manages to capture the mythic beauty of these fantastic behemoths.  For an unbelievable sample of what I’m talking about, check out his photo set from London’s Strongest Man 2008.  Some popular massive blokes are in there, such as the unbelievably gorgeous Terry Hollands.




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6 thoughts on “Jay “Hollywood” Hughes”

  1. hello jay long time no see. if you get this message would be nice to catch up . give me a email or if you have msn add me xx miss you x and im glad your looking well and doing good in the comp’s

    lorraine x

  2. Good call feller, Jay Hughes is frickin’ awesome. I’ll be taking a damned good look at that website lol.
    (I’ll have to wait a few months before I get him on my blog now – you beat me to it 😉 )

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