Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Mark Addy


When Mark Addy and Nick Frost were pitted against each other, Nick Frost won as the woofiest English actor.  That was a truly tough choice as they’re equally hot.  However, Mark Addy had been more visible earlier to me which is probably the main reason I would have voted for Mark Addy.  (It was at this point that my straight best friend had officially cemented my title of “Bear Hack,” lol.)

Anyway, for today’s Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds), here is one of the finest specimens of a chubby bear, Mark Addy

You can check out the video and a collage from the following screenshots here.









The Full Monty was the very first film I caught a glimpse of Mark Addy and I was instantly a fan — even if he didn’t go shirtless and nude in the flick.  He has this handsome cherubic face that just drives me insane…


Mark Addy has a YouTube channel and I thought that it was a fan made page; however, when I just recently visited it, it said that it’s owned by the Mark Addy…  Anyway, definitely check it out and subscribe!

markaddy_akt-del012The medieval kid knew about the cop-a-bear strategies
(variation of “The Accidental Lost Balance”)

markaddy_akt-del018Unfortunately, he got a bit too greedy and pulled out a “Sniffer”…

markaddy_akt-del021and a “Looker”…

markaddy_akt-del023Good luck medieval kid, nice knowing thou…

And here are some screenshot from the interviews of the Making-Of for A Knight’s Tale.






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8 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday (Beary Yummy Seconds): Mark Addy”

  1. wait, ppaarrsseekk is REALLY Mark Addy? Seriously?
    oh. shit.

    He posted a clip of Still Standing where Brian reveals he has a problem measuring up against the other guys in locker room (or rather they do! LOL). One scene has Bill telling Brian it’s alright for him to be ‘the winner’, and I’d swear he glances down to check him out. I mentioned this on the comments and he asked what I was talking about.

    I’m so busted.

  2. Mark Addy is really nice and I prefere to Nick Frost also like person, man or whatever…
    People who really personally know Mark Addy said he is a ‘gem’, lovable, sweetyheart bloke who spend the most of his free time with family nad helping friend who need it.
    The pics above are very old from 9 years ago. Mark Addy today is changed both face and body.
    Talking about youtube channel the owner told me he is not Mark Addy but a fan. The owner of that channel has been honest with me.
    The new indipendent movie when Mark played going to aired on March 19th called Nineteen Eighty Three, on Channel4 Uk, no cinema.

  3. I first saw him in the Rowan Atkinson TV show ‘The Thin Blue Line’. He looks great with a beard and I luv that smile!!

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