Goonday Moonday: Garry Frank



Garry Frank has got to be my all-time favorite powerlifter.  To me, he’s just supremely perfect: the squinty eyes, the husky/muscular build (huscular), round bald head, thick arms & legs, and, man, sometimes I can’t add anything more to that.  I mean, just look at this perfect musclechub…  If there is a certain specific type of “face” I tend to get attracted to the most, then it has to be what I would call “The Garry Frank Bulldog Look” (I will post about this “look” throughout this week).

the-garry-frank-bulldog-look“The Garry Frank Bulldog Look”


So for today’s Goonday Moonday, here is the fantastic behemoth Mr. Garry Frank…

Part 1 of 3 of Garry Frank’s Documentary
View the rest at House Of Pain: Weightlifting & Strongman News
(Thank you to BassBassBoomBoom for the heads up!)










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8 comments on “Goonday Moonday: Garry Frank

  1. Scouserugger says:

    Great choice mate, the estimable Mr Frank is indeed awesome.

  2. BigNHusky says:

    I’m with you SR. Awesome pix of Gary here and hes some kinda ultimate musclechub/bullgoon for me as well, right up there with Benderoth. Never saw a pic of him shirtless before, he is fuckalicious

  3. A me me piace says:

    Wow! I really agree with you. Great body and sexy face. 😉

  4. Gnarlene says:

    Indeed, a very nice specimen, thanks for posting this

  5. logan says:

    great chunky bod

  6. vandebear says:

    he is fuckingly hot, I would love to be under him and being fucked.. and I’d like to be one day a musclechubby like that…

  7. […] you have seen Jeff Beeout and Steve Zandi, compare them to the chubby Mike Paterson and musclechub Garry Frank.  Regardless of weight, they are all blessed with such goonish good […]

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