Naked Powerlifting

I’ve been gone and will be gone off and on due to personal reasons.  However, I will do my best to at least post something worth your time.

Anyway, I just got an email from Sound Chaser (who was one of the very first person who had a page dedicated to Chubby musicians).  Definitely check out his link for more chubby goodness, especially his Underchub page (wowza!).  I still remember being a member of his underwear chub Yahoo group back in the day.

For some reason he sent me an email which was filtered in my Spam folder.  Thank goodness I go through Spam filters because I’m lame like that.  🙂  Anyway, good thing I went through my junk mail because he had sent me a link that is definitely post-worthy…

It looks like your average video of a big guy doing powerlifting stuff.  But, wait!  Make it all the way to 8:34 and you will see this big brutish musclechub from Norway performing a squat… in… the… nude.

Well, okay, so there’s a bit of censorship, but you guys and gals will easily use your mighty imaginations…  Please don’t disappoint me.  🙂

By the way…  WATCHMEN comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Naked Powerlifting”

  1. @Bearmythology, Yeah I was wondering about you. Dont feel bad about being gone, sometimes life gives you other priorities. if you need an empathetic ear I’d be happy to be a friend as well. As for the lifter you posted he is fucking hot. Absolutely awesome chest and belly. If you blow the video up bigger you can kind of catch a look at his meat swinging as he walks. Silly obstructionary censor bar.

  2. Hey man, was worried about ya…glad to see you’re okay. This was awesome, but you’re more important…whatever you gotta deal with, you take care of it, but know you got a lotta people thinkin bout ya! Ever need to talk about it, let us know, at least me and you know how to get ahold of me.
    BIG HUGS, Tommy

  3. I’m trying to find time to watch Rorschach kill somebody.

    And FYI, Steven Page left the Barenaked Ladies.

  4. Man he looked hot, what an arse he’s got. The guy in the white shirt and black trousers wasn’t half bad either.
    Can’t believe you’re into Watchmen too, wetting myself at the thought of seeing the film at last.

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