Goonday Moonday: Ludovic Berthillot (Shirtless Edition)

Wow.  Talk about bonus.  As I continued to research for more info on Ludovic Berthillot and his goonish good looks, I stumbled upon a photo of him shirtless!  I almost fainted, ’cause I’m gay like that.  I also got a program that resizes jpegs without losing too much quality and I used it to experiment on Ludovic’s shirtless photo.  Here it is and enjoy…


The behind-the-scenes photo is from the film Le Roi De L’évasion.  I got that photo from  You know that I will be keeping an eye out on that film…  -_^

Also the previous photos from part 1 of this Goonday Moonday post apparently came from a 15-minute film: Block (it’s not even listed in IMDB).  Filmmaker Yvan Georges-dit-soudril’s MySpace for this film is here.


And here’s a 1 minute preview of Block.

By the way, here are some more Berthillot goon-ness…  When I first saw this photo, I told myself, “Self, I think this is Bloodrayne or maybe the sequel; or maybe it’s Drag Queen night at the Eagles.”



Apparantly, it’s from a film called Bloody Mallory which has been called a Buffy The Vampire Slayer-ripoff.  I haven’t seen it, and since I’m a lover of crappy cinema, this is definitely on my to-watch list.

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3 thoughts on “Goonday Moonday: Ludovic Berthillot (Shirtless Edition)”

  1. he really is gorgeous indeed, i’m so glad i’m french when i see such actors haha!

    well if you like bad movies like i do, you’ll LOVE “Bloody Mallory”! except the music by Master Kenji Kawai, everything’s just awful. it’s a shame in a way because there are some great ideas (the drag-queen is definitely the best of them), but at least we now have a brilliant comedy hehe!

  2. Hello!
    Thanks a lot for these 2 posts about mister Berthillot! I am now a fan of him! 😀

    By the way I have Bloody Mallory on DVD and YES, it IS a crappy movie! 😀

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