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Shirtless Saturday: Ludovic Berthillot In “The Venus Project”

Ludovic Berthillot - The Venus Project 04

Finally, I got to post a Shirtless Saturday edition of the fantastically bullgoonish, Ludovic Berthillot.  Thanks to Y (the resident Ludovic Berthillot expert), he pointed us to this short film called The Venus Project.  He shows up at the 8:26 mark.

Warning: Boobie shots at that moment as well (lol, I totally missed them).

Check out more screenshots of a shirtless LB on the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Ludovic Berthillot The Venus Project collage

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Ludovic Berthillot: Eagerly Anticipating “Le Roi De L’évasion”

Ludovic Berthillot pose

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2798503&w=425&h=350&fv=]
Thanks to Y for updating me on this trailer from an old LB post

Ludovic Berthillot‘s starring role in Le Roi de l’évasion (“The King Of Escape”) has recently gotten a pretty good review from The Hollywood Reporter after viewing it from the Cannes Film Festival.

Film Review: Le Roi de l’evasion
By Duane Byrge, May 19, 2009 05:57 ET
Bottom Line: A slapstick sex comedy on midlife, gay angst.

CANNES — What’s it like to be gay, middle-aged and a traveling tractor salesman in the French boondocks? Clearly, not tres grande. That’s the recipe for this ripe, mid-life crisis comedy about sexual and political mores.

Playing in the Directors’ Fornight, “Le Roi de l’evasion” stars Lucovic Berthillot as Armand, a pudgy solid citizen who has tired of the “gay scene,” such as it is, in his small town. Armand is depressed, napping on the job and binge eating. He’s turned 40 and his life is going nowhere. His employer suggests a vacation, but it’s a chance “rescue” of a 16-year-old girl that snaps him back — or backward, as his friends see it.

After paying off teen thugs to stop harassing a pretty teen, Curly, Armand becomes an unlikely white-knight. The nubile girl develops a huge crush on him and makes strong sexual advances.

Ludovic le roi de l evasion 01

Down to story briefs, filmmaker Alain Guiraudie has crafted an amusing and often perceptive comedy about middle-aged gay angst, and he’s stroked it with the most incendiary comic catalyst — the gay man tries to transform his life by becoming bisexual. At the same time, Curly is trying to escape her repressive parents, and latching onto a older male is an obvious outlet.

Ludovic le roi de l evasion 04

As one might expect with such a mis-matched pairing, things don’t go swimmingly. However, In this amusement, it makes for some funny, farcical sex as the pudgy Armand and the libidinous school-girl rut around in the woods, unable to truly consummate. The incongruity of it all soon wears thin, as do some other weightier issues — age of consent, civic hypocrisy, simplistic sex-offender laws — that are sprayed into the mix but never coalesce. Unfortunately, Guiraudie merely titillates with these issues, and the film loses potency as the extreme premise ultimately droops.

What keeps it going are the strong performances. As the befuddled Armand, Ludovic Berthillot is sympathetic, while Hafsia Herzi sizzles as the rebellious schoolgirl.

“Le Roi” is most potent in its visual comedy. A series of scenes in which town officials partake of some sort of super root in the woods and then become outrageously aroused, shedding their clothes and performing sexual solos on the spot, are hilarious. Ultimately, “Le Roi de l’ Evasion” evades its more serious underside for its momentary farcical romps.

Middle-aged gay angst?  Wow, it looks like a movie tailored for the likes of me.  I definitely can’t wait to see it.  Here are more photos of the amazingly woofy Ludovic Berthillot

Ludovic Berthillot imdb 205

Ludovic le roi de l evasion 02

Ludovic le roi de l evasion 03

le roi de l'evasion poster

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Goonday Moonday: Ludovic Berthillot (Shirtless Edition)

Wow.  Talk about bonus.  As I continued to research for more info on Ludovic Berthillot and his goonish good looks, I stumbled upon a photo of him shirtless!  I almost fainted, ’cause I’m gay like that.  I also got a program that resizes jpegs without losing too much quality and I used it to experiment on Ludovic’s shirtless photo.  Here it is and enjoy…


The behind-the-scenes photo is from the film Le Roi De L’évasion.  I got that photo from ecrans.fr.  You know that I will be keeping an eye out on that film…  -_^

Also the previous photos from part 1 of this Goonday Moonday post apparently came from a 15-minute film: Block (it’s not even listed in IMDB).  Filmmaker Yvan Georges-dit-soudril’s MySpace for this film is here.


And here’s a 1 minute preview of Block.

By the way, here are some more Berthillot goon-ness…  When I first saw this photo, I told myself, “Self, I think this is Bloodrayne or maybe the sequel; or maybe it’s Drag Queen night at the Eagles.”



Apparantly, it’s from a film called Bloody Mallory which has been called a Buffy The Vampire Slayer-ripoff.  I haven’t seen it, and since I’m a lover of crappy cinema, this is definitely on my to-watch list.

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Goonday Moonday: Ludovic Berthillot

Almost a year ago, I’ve posted about Ludovic Berthillot and I just got some email requests for more info on him.  Well, I am more than happy to oblige and it’s something that I can post for today’s Goonday Moonday as Monsieur Berthillot has that inherently attractive bullgoon look…

ludovic-berthillot-myspace-01I just love this photo shot…
He somewhat resembles Vladimir Kalinichenko.

I found out that he has a MySpace Page with photos that I haven’t seen before.  In YouTube, there’s a behind-the-scenes look of one of his movies (Oeil Pour Oeil) where he’s also one of the main stars; as a bonus, he stripped down to his black underwear (sadly, no face shot, but that husky body is unmistakable).  He also has a short film titled Les Millionaires on YouTube.  I have embedded both of these videos in this post.




Does anybody know if Oeil Pour Oeil is on DVD yet?  I checked IMDB and
I did not find any information on this film, even though it’s been released
since 2007…  Anyway, just look at the following screenshots…
Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know… I’m a perv…  ^_^
[EDIT: Well, I just double-checked my sources and this is a short film.






Non-French-speaking folk will not understand this short film;
however, we will all agree that Ludovic is brûlant*
(* I just googled “hot” for French and I hope that I did not le butcher it…)

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Bears, Horror, & Halloween

The horror movie genre was what got me hooked into film.  I think one of the main reason why I loved the genre was because it made me feel “normal” and “less evil” for being gay.  I am somewhat outgrowing the horror movie genre, but it will always have a special place in my heart.  Anyway, for this Halloween season, here are just some completely random horror films that just so happen to have some bearish actors in them…

Scream was the film that gave the horror genre a revitalizing kick in the behind.  It was a self-aware parody while giving the “goods” of a slasher film.  The bearish character above is W. Earl Brown (seen eating a bag of Cheetos and Tostitos) minutes before his demise.  (Rule #85: Eating more than one type of junk food in the span of 3 minutes will get you killed.)  Not only is Mr. Brown an actor, but he also has a country music group called the Sacred Cowboys.

Bruce M. Fischer and Richard Davalos were two of the husky daddy bears in one of my favorite childhood supernatural horror films, Something Wicked This Way Comes.  To this day, it’s an effective horror/dark fantasy film that did not rely on cheap scares but on great writing, acting, and excellent directing.

Tony Munafo appears in the first of three stories in one of my favorite horror movie anthology: Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (Creepshow being my ultimate favorite).  He played a thug for a mafia-run company helping people kick their smoking addiction.  I remember thinking how perfect this bearish man was when I was just 12 years old…

No Way To Treat A Lady is more of a thriller, but, hey, it’s just a technicality because it was a fantastic hybrid of dark comedy and suspense.  It is also a compelling character piece from Rod Steiger, who was utterly mesmerizing and chilling as a chameleon-like serial killer preying on women.

Now here’s a nasty piece of no-holds-barred splatterpunk cinema from France: À l’intérieur (Inside).  This is what I would call a concentrated piece of truly terrifying filmmaking.  It’s unapologetic with its violence and masochistic treatment of its characters.  Loved it.  I’ve already posted about the unbelievably handsome husky actor, Ludovic Berthillot, who had a very unfortunate short scene in the film.

Feast surprised me for being way too fun and highly entertaining for a monster flick.  It reminded me of another horror-comedy-monster classic, Tremors.  Duane Whitaker plays the slimy owner of a bar where all of the frenetic action takes place.

Russell Hornsby was hilarious as a cowering boyfriend/wannabe gangsta in the horror-comedy, Stuck.  Even though it was hard to buy Mena Suvari’s “turn” from a humane nurse to an inhuman monster, it was a dark parable of what certain situations can do to the human spirit.  This film explores such nasty side and it was definitely not pretty…

Salem’s Lot is one of my favorite vampire movies.  These vampires were very traditional and would probably be very angry at the more recent hip vampires on tv and film today.  I have nothing against hip vampires, but sometimes, I just want my vampires to be completely evil… and conservative.  ^_^  The super-cute chubby bear, George Dzundza, is also in the film which is a big bonus in my book.

Well, that about wraps up my random horror movie picks that just so happen to have bearish actors in them.  You gals and ghouls have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Andre “Doc” Newman (as Maggot) from The Dead Hate The Living!

Ludovic Berthillot: Acting Reel Collage

I did not understand a single word Ludovic Berthillot had uttered in his acting reel.  Luckily, for one, he’s extremely watchable, and two, he’s wearing a tanktop in one clip, and three, Gérard Depardieu sits on Ludovic’s belly (HOT!).  ^_^

So here’s a collage of that Acting Reel which features and highlights this French bear’s inherent woofiness.

Mr. Berthillot has now officially joined the great pantheon of woofy bears with dimpled chins, such as Robert Mitchum and Terence Knox.

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Ludovic Berthillot: “District B13”

Mr. Ludovic Berthillot is a name that has been recently echoing in my head.  My inner voice is probably not even pronouncing it properly.  Regardless, this beefy bear has got all the looks and features that just would not make my eyes look away.  Lol.  It’s like he’s a car or something.

Here’s Monsieur Ludovic Berthillot and his killer chin from a movie called District B13

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Ludovic Berthillot: “Inside” & Acting Reel

I was just watching Inside (À l’intérieur) and I can honestly say that it’s one of the greatest horror film ever in the slasher subcategory.  The film was unrelentingly brutal and provided the bloody goods for the horror gorehound in me.  By the way, you crazy French really know your splatter genre.  ^_^

Fortunately, there was a bearish actor that caught my eye.  I then realized that it was the same actor that I could not figure out from another movie titled, District 13 (Banlieue 13) (the very film where the woofy Jeff Rudom was also in).

This amazingly handsome French actor is Ludovic Berthillot and he has an official site where I got the following actor’s reel from:

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