Shirtless Saturday: BruteMythology Realized

fitexpowithfont0012laNot sure if this is an old photo, but I love the ’70s porn look to it…

With that unknown artwork of a mythic brute in mind, here are some real life models of such massive men — shirtless, of course…

ryan-kennelly-sideRyan Kennelly



scott-mendelson-c9411Scott Mendelson


that-unknown-muscle-bearI have literally seen this massive brute everywhere;
but no clue as to who he is.  I’m also not sure if he’s family…
Please send the 411 on him as I’d love to post about him.

strongman-sunglassesLove side shots such as this…


latinpowerlifter-1No clue either as to who he is…
And, damn, as Paris Hilton would say, “That’s hot!”

11 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: BruteMythology Realized”

  1. The guy on the sixth pic is that powerlifter dude Scott Medlesone. I have seen him a few times at THE EAGLE in LA! I am dead seriouse . I saw him with that dude Decoding Jesus on New years 2010. I could not believe my eyes. I could not go up to both of them, was not sure if they would of talked to me. Anyways , it was just good enough seeing them at THE EAGLE LA!

  2. The muscle bear on pic 7. Yep he is a producer for electronic music and does belong to a group called Decoding Jesus .I have downloaded some of his music on itunes . I know he belongs to a dj crew called …And I also agree with the others , he is family. I know he did bear magazine a few years back . I want him for christmas! Guys like that should be single for life! LOVE HIM!

  3. The muscle bear on the 7th pic is that well known electro dj – Decoding Jesus. And yes I have heard his name is Eddie. He also did a 2 page spread on Bear Magazine- I have it!!!! I have seen him play in Florida for a bear event and I also saw him at that LA bar called The Eagle without a shirt! I think he is about 280 lbs 5ft 11in tall, he is Fuken HOT in person and seemd to be a nice guy. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me but I was not sure if he was interested in me, because he never looked back at me again through the night. I have always wanted to talk to him but I could never muster the courage to say hi and that I am a huge fan of his music.But I do think he is family because he is in this muscle bear dj crew called Bearhaus! THANK GOD!

  4. the tat guy in pic 7 is edgar. he lives in LA with his BF (monogamous). he is on facebook too. just saw him at faultline saturday

  5. I’m pretty sure I saw a video of the Decoding Jesus musclebear on Youtube a couple years ago. He was so darn cute, goofin’ in front of the camera, taking silly poses and making faces. At the end of the video, he made kissy kissy with his boyfriend… awwww!!! So sweet! He’s a big ol teddy bear.

    Unfortunately, I think his boyfriend took it off Youtube. If someone knows where to find this video, please, do share.

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