Shirtless Saturday: Sedrick Ellis



On Shirtless Saturday, we have Sedrick Ellis who is currently the Defensive Tackle for NFL’s New Orleans Saints.  He’s a massive man who’s surprisingly agile for his weight and built.  Here are some photos and a video of this husky beast from USC Pro Day in 2008.


Most of the photos are dupes, but people had actually adjusted them so that such fantastic images become even better…






3 comments on “Shirtless Saturday: Sedrick Ellis

  1. cw. says:

    excellent find!

  2. Frank Brent says:

    Now that is some BLACK MEAT!!!!!! Would love to tame that beast!!!!! WOOF!!!!! Would definetly love to see more of that sexy body. Keep up the good work. More black bears please!!!!!!!

  3. […] upon a time, when this blogger used to actually blog on a regular basis, he had put up a “Shirtless Saturday” post about a massive lineman for the New Orleans Saints, Sedrick ….  After a year and a few months later, he found out that LIFE Magazine did a photo shoot of him […]

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