Shirtless Saturday: Pressure Washing, Wet Deck, And I’m Ready To Come… For The Bear-B-Que

Sorry for the lack of updates as I am (yet, again) going through an emotional crisis (this time, it’s a personal issue).  I feel like I’m running out of excuses every time I go on a hiatus.  So, please, don’t fire me!  Lol.

Anyway, I was going through my bear archives and I came upon this set of photos of a bear performing some deck pressure washing.  I’d love to apply pressure on that wand while I wet his deck.  Um, yeah.  -_^



Anybody knows who he is?  According to the photo’s file’s info, it was taken on June of 2003 with a Sony CD Mavica with an ISO Speed of 100 (boo!).  Not sure if those info helped, but this woofy bear does look familiar from somewhere…

10 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Pressure Washing, Wet Deck, And I’m Ready To Come… For The Bear-B-Que”

  1. Yes that’s me. Few years back, but still me. Thanks I’m flattered by the comments. Trust me those were the tame pictures. Got a lot sweatier later that day!

  2. (on second thought, could you please delete my comments. It’s probably not a huge deal, but ultimately it’s really not my business to be telling the world who is in this picture. Not sure if he (or his partner) would appreciate it. At least now you know who he is! …but please delete my comments. I’d appreciate it. Thanks!)

  3. haha…I THOUGHT that was Geno! Geno’s beautiful… and a sweet guy.

    I live here in Columbus and we definitely have a lot of eye candy. We also have a HUGE gay population in general (3rd in the country per capita!). Add a typical midwestern diet to that, and you have a higher proportion of, well, Genos.

  4. The gentleman in question is from Columbus, Ohio. He’s gay and has had a partner for many years now.
    Woofy as Hell though…

  5. Hey, just saying so is enough, you dont owe us any complicated excuses. If you have some stuff IRL that calls you away from the group thats ok buddy. We will welcome you back with open arms like now. Hope things are getting better. Oh yeah, that dude is hot in a bear-next-door kinda way. Huggers!

  6. Just take care of yourself mate. I am sure all of us will understand what your going through and no one will ever fire you. Big Hugs!!!!

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