Nazi Security Service Chief Daddy Bear & The XXXL KKK


Security Service Chief

I’m guessing that he’s an actor from possibly Valkyrie or the upcoming Inglorious Basterds.  Or he probably just loves to wear Nazi uniforms.  Either way, this daddy bear is über hot.  Does anyone know who this scorching daddy is?

Since this post feels so empty, here’s a photo of the semen the Nazis have ejaculated to this day.  But, darn it, the chubby bear on the right is way too hot.  It’s just unfortunate that such handsome folk can be hateful and ignorant idiots.


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7 comments on “Nazi Security Service Chief Daddy Bear & The XXXL KKK

  1. Tommy says:

    I believe the gentleman in question is Tom Wilkinson, and the movie would then be Valkyrie.

    • It resembles Tom Wilkinson but I don’t think it’s him. I haven’t seen “Valkyrie” but Wilkinson’s character is a General (according to IMDb) and the daddy bear in the photo is not wearing a general outfit. Also, Wilkinson has a longer nose than the Nazi daddy as well as a gauntier head. ^_^ But I could be wrong.

  2. cutechsr69 says:

    Those 2 are about to have a brokeback mountain moment.

    They just can’t tell anyone or they will get kicked out of their little club.

  3. don peterson says:

    F R A N C O is Coming…

  4. elias says:

    I love suck nazi dick

  5. The guy is a British WWII Re-enactor. One of the several re-enactors of German units. No-one famous, and he’s not a nazi, but he is cute!

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