Joey Oglesby: “Private Practice”


It has been a long time since I’ve posted about one of my favorite cubby bear actor, Joey Oglesby.  But here he is in all of his super cute glory (sometimes you gotta get all “girly” with the adjectives) from the TV show, Private Practice (“Second Chances” Season 2, Episode 14).

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 04Even with the tacky clothing, it could not defy his adorable cuteness

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 02

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 07

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 08

Joey Oglesby Private Practice 09

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One comment on “Joey Oglesby: “Private Practice”

  1. […] importantly, and to my pleasant surprise, Joey Oglesby was in it as well.  Unlike his tacky clothing from Private Practice, he gets to don a prison guard uniform.  […]

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