Goonday Moonday: Patrick Gallagher In “True Blood”

Patrick Gallagher true blood 01

Just finished watching the third episode of HBO’s True Blood Season 2 and I’m loving it so far.  Chris Bauer could have gone shirtless on two occasions yet the writers always managed to squash such perfect opportunities (the dancing in Merlotte’s Bar and Maryann’s bacchanalia).  Anyway, this post is not about Mr. Bauer, but about Patrick Gallagher.  He hasn’t done much yet in the show and I’m hoping that he does something really cool soon.  Unfortunately, I’m composing this post from an internet kiosk (I’m currently on vacation, so I will be scarce though I’ll try to post whenever I can).  Anyway, here are photos and a video of Patrick Gallagher…

Patrick Gallagher wii

Patrick Gallagher night at the museum

Patrick Gallagher davincisinquest

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