Allow Me To Be A 14-Year-Old Girl For A Moment

Nude chubby bear

You guys are probably sick and tired of me about talking about Tumblr.  However, I just want many of you to join as it’s definitely a great place to pool our resources when it comes to finding bears, chubs, daddies, and brutes.  To start you off, these guys are the best (and they’re in alphabetical order).  As this is the world of Tumblr, treat them as being NSFW.

Shirtless husky bearbearsimjealousof











And, of course, my two Tumblr pages:

bearmythology-128 bearmythology-128-fetishes

We definitely need to make our furry, chubby, brawny presence known.  We love big men and we cannot lie.  So unleash your 14-year-old girl (and if you are already a female, just unleash your giddy adolescent self) and start your own Tumblr blog.  I must admit that I am not as “savvy” and “quick” like those other folks I have listed.  However, I am indeed old and that is a very valid excuse.  ^_^

The following are just an awesome sampling of all the great photos you will find from those fine Tumblr-folk (Tumblerettes?  Tumblerdudes?)

Relaxing by the beach

Shirtless musclecub

Shirtless musclecub flexing

Blue Moon Beer Daddy Bear

Shirtless bear drinking

Shirtless musclechub

Classic shirtless tattooed bear

15 thoughts on “Allow Me To Be A 14-Year-Old Girl For A Moment”

  1. I know who that young lad drinking that orange drink is… it’s ME!

    Hi, I’m Brett. I am a multimedia artist and in my spare time I do bear/chubish things like be furry and eat food. MMM!

    I’m flattered to appear on Bear Mythology. Great site – keep up the good work!

  2. Tumblr is the future of the internet!
    I noticed you didn’t list in your post. It’s, imo, one of the best bear oriented tumblr blogs.

    1. Lol, look at my previous comment. I just added bearyourfur and did not know about it before I made my very short list. And yes, I agree that it’s the future of the internet. It goes at a rapid pace and I’m still getting used to it.

      1. I just read the previous comments, and someone already mentioned bearyourfur, sorry. :o)
        I’ve just found out that ceased to exist, it was a pretty good tumblr blog.

    1. I recently joined bearyourfur and, right at this moment, I just joined macgeekbear (OMG, hi macgeekbear!). Definitely please send me these Tumblr submissions. This is just awesome.

  3. Oh God……this guy is just about perfect……who could resist? Where do I sign up to have a piece of him……..

  4. The massive bear in the 8th pic is really boner inducing! Check out his huge boobs and those succulent nipples!Those mammoth tattoed arms are begging to be pulled behind and have his wrists tied!

  5. Yes!! Tumblr is awesome… and Bearmythology as well as all the other pages linked effing rock.

    Can I also say that the cover image for this post was perfect… that dude just makes me melt. WOOF.

  6. I know the first guy sitting cross legged with the tat. His profile on bear411 is cubordinate.
    Sll I got from him was a kiss, but my partner said he was a lot of fun in bed 🙂


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