Goonday Moonday: Joell Ortiz

joell ortiz

Joell Ortiz is a Puerto Rican rapper who specializes in freestyle.  I am not truly a big fan of freestyling, but I do respect the art of improvising hip hop lyrics.  And, maybe I’m biased, but I have listened to a number of Joell Ortiz’s music and I can safely say that he is a master of his craft.  Perhaps the eye candy of such a husky and stocky Latino is clouding my vision?  Well, you guys decide for yourself.  Here are a couple of music videos from Mr. Ortiz.  (Check out his blog, which is written by other bloggers and Mr. Ortiz himself — just read the “Tags”…  We’re using the same WordPress template.  Word up.)

This one is my favorite.  It’s titled, Good Times.


Here are some photos (courtesy of Natty Photography) from the making of Memories

Joell Ortiz and Rik Cordero

Joell Ortiz Memories 01

Joell Ortiz Memories 02

Joell Ortiz Memories 03

You’ll notice that  Joell likes to wear a wifebeater a lot.  Here is a NSFW interview of him just wearing a black tanktop.  Gadzooks!  This Brooklyn Bullgoon definitely has thick arms and a massive chest.

Currently, Joell Ortiz is part of a hip-hop supergroup called Slaughterhouse…  Joell reminds me of Yankees pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, in this album cover.


CC Sabathia New York Yankees

This first song that they have released is very radio-friendly, in my opinion (even with the explicit lyrics).  I expected their songs to be a bit more hardcore, but maybe this is that introduction song to draw audiences in.  In fact, Joell’s lyrics are a bit “subdued,” for lack of a better word.  Still, he knows how to flow with his rhymes and, as a bonus, he’s wearing a wifebeater on a couple of scenes…

Joell Ortiz The One

Joell Ortiz - slaughterhouse 01

Joell Ortiz slaughterhouse apron 1What is it with rap and blood?  Check out Spain’s Panzers’ album cover


8 thoughts on “Goonday Moonday: Joell Ortiz”

  1. I think if im not wrong i’ve seen Joell before singing Spanish in Panama but anyway i think this beefy-arms latino man is very good looking! The last picture,he looks cuddly as hell,i almost melted,Papi!

  2. For 1 he’s a HOTTY! and for 2 he has talent! Since when does talent get you on “bearmythology” anyway? He is a bear of a differnt genre, very attractive, and fuck his “talent” as long as he “looks good”! Who knows if he is a homophob, the “strongmen” who are sexy as hell may very well be “homophobic” as well, but doesnt mean there not hot! 😉

  3. trust. you are not making a bold leap in calling him a “homophobe”. He looks just like every other balding thick-necked straight dude in his 30s-40s who happens to always be angry. And i guess the hot thing right now for them is ufc or some other spiketv shit. just look at Dana White. He’s like the posterboy for angry middle-age dudes everywhere.
    i know its wrong to just throw him into that category but as far as straight guys go, they’re pretty much the most accurately stereotyped group of them all. And it transcends race, nationality, and religion.

  4. Man you’re posts have been going downhill lately.

    This motherfucker is UGLY. please post more hotties like kevin james and heinz ollesch and less pigs like this thug

    1. Can you say for sure he is homophobic? I can understand making the assumption based on little more than the genre he lives for, but that doesn’t make him the enemy. As for talentless, I’m no expert on rap, but he sure is handsome. Is being hot a talent? But fuck him if he’s a basher.

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