Lou Klein & The Chubby Spartans: “300 Pounds” (Part 1)

A few days ago, Part 1 of the film, 300 Pounds, was uploaded on YouTube by Jeff Centauri.  Not sure when the other parts will be uploaded, but as a connoisseur of fine moobs and bellies, this 6-minute video did not disappoint.

The best part?  Moob-bouncing, right at the 5:27 mark…

Who is that very loud Leonidas, you ask?  It’s Lou Klein and you can check out this previous post about him.

Attention Firefox users: Here are some other free ways to download YouTube videos, especially their higher quality version…

First download/install Greasemonkey.  Then restart Firefox.

Install YousableTubeFix.  Then restart Firefox.  Done!

Got that info from the comments section of DownloadSquad.com.  That awesome script will provide you with additional viewing/download options you didn’t know YouTube had.

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