Russell Hantz: The Puppet Master Of “Survivor: Samoa”


Russell Hantz Survivor Samoa

The only time I would watch Survivor is if there’s a bearish guy in the cast (such as Rupert Boneham, Judd Sergeant, Tom Buchanan, and Billy Garcia).  Thanks to Brunobear, I was informed that a brutish bull was in the show.  Ever the skeptic, I then investigated the link Brunobear shared with me.  Needless to say, I was instantly convinced and immediately fell in love with this short and thick musclebear, Russell Hantz.  He totally reminds me of a smaller version of pro-wrestler, Bulldog Raines, and especially Gerard Benderoth, which is a bonus in my book.

survivor samoa cast

So I watched the first episode and, by golly, he’s a slimy, conniving, dirty rotten scoundrel.  In other words, I freaking love him!  CBS touted him as the “biggest villain in Survivor history” and they were not kidding.  He stole this season’s opener with his treacherous tactics, misogynistic and un-PC comments, and his unbelievably spectacular beefy body.  Best part?  He’s shirtless in most of his scenes, wearing only his sweat-stained and dirty loose boxer briefs.  It’s also crazy to know that this man is a 36 year-old multi-millionaire and that he’s only in the game to prove just how easy it is to win it.  What a freaking character!  I hope that this evil bullgoon goes all the way to the end.  (Though I must add that I somewhat want to see Shambo — the lady with the “3-pound mullet” — reach the end as well.)

Here’s a short clip as to how diabolical and dastardly this stunning musclegoon can get…


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12 comments on “Russell Hantz: The Puppet Master Of “Survivor: Samoa”

  1. jstueart says:

    What an asshole. I don’t care how attractive he is. He’d be going down. He’s dangerous. And the fact that he’s attractive means he’s doubly dangerous. And mean. Naah. Not good qualities in a bear.

  2. fergus1 says:

    He’s dogmeat compared to moustachioed hottie on the right in the group picture. Who is that?

  3. jstueart says:

    Bring back Rupert Boneham. There was a kind-hearted bear.

  4. Well, he IS an asshole. But there are ways to shut him up… 😉

    And I agree, I want to know more about the man on the right.

  5. Buddy says:

    Not so much the rightside,the guy on the left In the back In white shorts looks kinda nice.

  6. Amd says:

    he’s indeniably an asshole but he is incredibly hot!!!

  7. OMG … I hate AND love him! Hahah. I still have to watch the premiere and now I am even more excited. Haven’t watched “Survivor” since like the 3rd season or so.

  8. George says:

    I NEVER watch shows like this… but I was flipping thru the channels the day this show premiered, and I paused and became completely sucked in by the way those shorts cling to his butt! I am SUCH a butt man, and he’s sportin’ some beautiful cheeks!

    LOL! Problem is, I am in a relationship with a man who is NOTHING like this… and he has NO clue that I am secretly drawn to bullgoons such as this. I’ve NEVER had the opportunity to encounter one (not that I haven’t tried… they don’t take me seriously and don’t believe someone “like me” would be interested in someone “like them…”). It’s frustrating!

    Grr. Hot bullgoon!

  9. Buddy says:

    LOL,I wonder If I should email Russell and ask him to send me those boxer briefs autographed?

  10. SurvivorFan says:

    Yes, yes, yes. It makes me so happy that you made an entry about Russel. He may be an absolutely asshole with no regard for the people around him, but he is effing HOT. I could not tear my eyes away from the screen when he was on. I’m conflicted too, because I do watch Survivor every season, and if he weren’t so hot, I’d want him gone right away, but damn…would I be upset if I couldn’t watch that every week.

  11. Billy Garcia says:

    I was surfing the net and came accross this article. Thanks for the shout out. When Survivor does an outcast season. I’ll do my best to represent bearish guys much better. Last time I was a teddy bear. Next time I’ll be a grizzly bear! lol.

    thanks again
    -Billy Garcia/Survivor: Cook Islands

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