Shirtless Saturday: Manuel Martinez

Happy Halloween, guys and ghouls!  Today’s Shirtless Saturday is a very delectable treat for you all.  It’s Manuel Martinez completely naked in the upcoming film, Estigmas.  That’s right.  You’ve heard it right.  Manuel Martinez.  Is.  Not.  Wearing.  Anything.  At.  All…

And as he is truly naked, please click on to see it

Manuel Martinez naked

Thanks to souver from Tumblr for finding this.

6 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Manuel Martinez”

  1. OMFG!!!!!
    Did you fall over at the sight of this Will?
    I think I had a stroke!
    Or I know what I’d like to stroke.
    Thanks! Happy Halloween! I’ve got a trick for Manuel If he’ll treat.

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