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Rob Crow 02

I’ve been spending most of my time at Tumblr simply because I am still working on my main computer (upgrading, fixing, and all that) and it’s easier for me to post via my phone.  Anyway, make sure to check out my two Tumblr pages:


BearMythology Fetishes (Totally NSFW!)

Just recently posted about the woofy Rob Crow in my main Tumblr blog and a very different look at Orcs and Dwarves in World Of Warcraft in my scandalous Fetishes blog…

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  1. Yay for Rob Crow! I posted a few other pics in the message board a while back. Pinback is my favorite band, so I’m always excited to see some Pinback love.

    Just so you know, Will, I followed the link to your fetish site (hotttt!) and need to give you a correction. The band that Rob plays in wearing only a thong is called “Optiganally Yours.”

    He’s also been in or is currently in:

    Heavy Vegetable
    Other Men
    Remote Action Sequence Project
    Aspects of Physics
    Optiganally Yours

    and a few others.

    And if you like Chino Moreno (Deftones) then you should check out HIS side project, Team Sleep, which has four songs that Rob Crow sings on. Good good stuff.

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