10 Year Old Boy Won’t Say The Pledge Until Gays Have “Liberty And Justice”

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It is news such as this that makes me glad that I belong to the human race.  It’s crazy to think that a 10-year-old boy would make a stand for something that doesn’t even involve him. Because of it, he’s ridiculed in his school and called a “gaywad.”  When awkwardly asked with a “cute & funny” question, “What’s a ‘gaywad’?” Will replied:

I really don’t know.  It’s a discriminatory name for homosexuals.

I love this kid!  Ask a stupid question, you get a smart, perfunctory response from a.  10.  year.  old.

It’s interesting how the boy is more mature about the whole situation while his dad and the newscaster found the situation a bit humorous.  This is not an attack on either of them, but this is just my observation based on how they interviewed and talked to the boy.  The dad for instance started laughing when his son described how his classmates assumed that he was gay.  Granted, the father is already involved in a very sticky situation and he’s an amazing father for supporting his son’s First Amendment rights.  Still, point is, what if his son was gay?  (But my have-a-chill-pill nitpickiness was thrown out the window when the dad lovingly elbowed Will at the end of the interview.  It was such an “Awwww” moment.)

Nevertheless, Will Phillips is my hero.  He’s only lived in this world for 1 decade, and he fully understands the concept of “Equal Rights.”

And, since this blog is about bear eye candy, Jay Phillips is definitely a very handsome bear.  His reactions are utterly cute and adorable.  You can see his right thumb quivering in the video while my hero kept picking on the threads of his jeans.  I now want that t-shirt…

17 thoughts on “10 Year Old Boy Won’t Say The Pledge Until Gays Have “Liberty And Justice””

  1. WOOF! Yup, Jay’s super hot. And from West Fork! Wewt!

    Lots of us Arkies are built on that body template. And appreciative of the niche market for bubba bears.

    Good kid. Everyone from Arkansas is proud of him. (Or should be.)

  2. jay, i take you at your word (though I’m a little intrigued where you fit on that Kinseyan scale). :o)

    you’re still pretty darned hot, though.

    but thanks for helping to raise an apparently good kid.

    “beary” xmas to you ;o)

  3. lmao!!!

    Ok… This is Will’s Father jay. Lemme say that I am NOT gay although I think most people who have ever taken introductory psych will tell you that gay or straight aren’t absolutes but more of a kinseyan scale. I wasn’t aware my sexuality was in question and although it is amusing I have to admit to being somewhat perplexed as to why it’s an issue. lol!

    Will is a VERY conscientious boy and asked us what we thought about the pledge, we gave our opinions, I’m for, Laura is not in favor of it, and Will made his decision. I didn’t even know he was doing it until the principal called me. I am very proud of him for caring about others enough to stand up for what he felt was right despite the social ramifications. Perhaps it would clear up some of the confusion if you knew were were Unitarian Universalists.

    In any case, thank you for the support, the kind words, and for the compliments. I’m not getting any younger nor slimmer and I’ll take any flattery I can get!

    have a wonderful day & a merry x-mas.

    jay phillips


  4. I have to second what brooklyndude said. Unless the ten year old is very mature for his age and has had exposure to a wide range of people throughout his life – along with the understanding and acceptance; I do not see how he could have said what he said with relative conviction. Certainly the boy, Will, is not ignorant of the world around him. Perhaps he is doing personal research on the internet, and/or having a tutor and/or mentor. Anyhow, thank you very much for your courage and compassion, Will. You did not do anything wrong. Ok?

    Jay, you are very handsome. Thank you for being there and supporting your son.

  5. At 5:08 in the clip, Jay reveals his left hand as he scratches and reveals he has a ring on it. Where’s mommy? Or, where’s the other Daddy?

  6. The clue to this interview lies in the dad Jay. While Jay is cute and adorable he’s also suspiciously and ambiguously gay.

    Let’s dissect: So dad went down to the school, but where’s mom? How does this kid at 10 years old, “know a lot of gay people”? It would seem to me that it’s pretty strange for a 10 year old to “know a lot of gay people” who are friends. How many 10 year olds are coming out of the closet these days, let alone know what gay is in the first place?

    This interview is a bamboozle just like the balloon boy. Why didn’t John Roberts ask Jay, “Sir, what is your sexual orientation?” Any legitimate journalist would look at this and say, “wow, this kid’s home life nurtures a culture of diversity. How and why?” CNN doesn’t necessarily have to jump into the morality of it, but at least ask some realistic questions here.

    What’s sad is that Jay is probably a gay dad, provoked his kid to say this, and it was grandstanded as an issue. It’s not real, but rather an issue-based story. The sadness is that Jay’s homosexuality is covered in order to bring children into a political debate in a brainwashing manner.

    Sorry guys, I don’t buy this whatsoever. But, I’d like to know Jay’s number or email and say hi 🙂

  7. Will Phillips, you are a brave young man. I liken you to enlightened men like Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry, men who stood up for their radical convictions in the face of ignorance and adversity.

  8. WOW

    Will your are awsome and smart. It is moments like this that give me hope for the futur.

    Jay, Thank you for being an awsome dad to your son.

  9. This is why I love your blog ^_^

    I am a hardcore CNN WHORE and I didn’t catch this story.

    I’m in love with that kid! And he’s not pretentious about it either… Cause then he would be a DICKWAD, not a gaywad. lol.

  10. Will,

    Your right not not recite the Pledge is enshrined, not just in the First Amendment, but in the Supreme Court ruling West Virginia v. Barnette. I encourage you to cite this ruling in addition to your first amendment rights when you state your right to not stand. You go, Little Dude!

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