Thankful Today Because Of An Old Friend And My New Friends

So I have been posting way too much in Tumblr and way too little here.  I actually considered just using Tumblr and would like others to run this WordPress blog (then I realized, hey, what the heck is wrong with me?).  Anyway, I’m rambling because I reblogged this image in my main Tumblr blog:

Apparently, this photo was taken by a good friend of mine from many years ago: Devin.   He was the very first “chaser” who was exactly like me: we were “ursophiles/arctophiles” (i.e., “twinks”) who the big bears did not like or get attracted to.  We were pretty tight and talked about what we wanted to do with our “bear” lives.  Back then, our “bear sources” were limited by our dial-up connections (I used AOL and Earthlink) and access to the email-digest Bears Mailing List (which was not very twink-friendly as I remembered).  Devin also started “Bear Of The Day” (BofTD) (which was like Tumblr only it refreshes 1 image a day); this was also my source of inspiration that made me start “BearMythology”…

Needless to say, if you look through Devin’s The Men Of Chumley’s Bear Cruise 2009 Flickr photos, you’ll find out that he’s enjoying his life with the bears (and he’s even partnered with a very woofy bear!).  So I just want to personally say “Thank You” to him on this day.  And also a big “Thank You” to all of you who support this blog.  I could never keep on going with it without you guys…

14 thoughts on “Thankful Today Because Of An Old Friend And My New Friends”

  1. Oh yeah, this was one hot bear on this past Chumley Cruise.. I was instantly attracted to him just like most of the other bears, hehe..

    Great blog! A friend of mine told me about and and marveled at your good taste. He’s so right!

  2. It’s closing on a month since the last blog entry. Is this site now defunct andf ready to be deleted from my Favorites? (I have no interest in Tumbler – my loss, I guess.)

  3. Please don’t move away from this site! It in and of itself has a touch that can’t be copied. In addition, Tumblr is a bit harder to keep track of anyway. All in all however, this is good and neat work.

    Thank you!

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