Robert Kirkman: Woofy Comic Book Writer

Robert Kirkman is drop dead gorgeous.  Before I had an inkling of what a “bear” was (specifically from the LGBTQ community), all I knew was that I was attracted towards husky and fuzzy men.  And, yes, basically, Robert Kirkman pretty much fits the perfect archetypal model of such a bearish man.  Well, at least, in my personal preference and opinion, of course…

Anyway, the series premiere of his fantastic graphic novel “The Walking Dead” will finally be on AMC on Halloween Day and I am eagerly excited for it.  Here are two videos of him from an AMC Special where he talks about the evolution of his graphic novel to the small screen as well as him giving us a tour from the series’ film set…


12 thoughts on “Robert Kirkman: Woofy Comic Book Writer”

  1. He’s stuuupid hot and I would shamelessly try to hook up with him at a convention if he wasn’t very happily married to a woman. I wanna call in to Talking Dead when he’s on next and have my question be, “Kirkman, are you aware of your bear sex symbol status, especially among gay and bi men, but also among a ton of women? Have you fully embraced your woofy status?” The show’s viewers would be pissed at this Canadian joke wasting a Walking Dead question like that on live TV, but I would get a kick out of it. 🙂

  2. “perfect archetypal model of such a bearish man.” not only for you ! 🙂 … very sexy creative bear, I love his Marvel-Zombies series !

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