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Robert Kirkman: Woofy Comic Book Writer

Robert Kirkman is drop dead gorgeous.  Before I had an inkling of what a “bear” was (specifically from the LGBTQ community), all I knew was that I was attracted towards husky and fuzzy men.  And, yes, basically, Robert Kirkman pretty much fits the perfect archetypal model of such a bearish man.  Well, at least, in my personal preference and opinion, of course…

Anyway, the series premiere of his fantastic graphic novel “The Walking Dead” will finally be on AMC on Halloween Day and I am eagerly excited for it.  Here are two videos of him from an AMC Special where he talks about the evolution of his graphic novel to the small screen as well as him giving us a tour from the series’ film set…


“Hale & Pace”: Gareth Hale’s Facial Expressions

Gareth Hale is one-half of the British comedy team, “Hale & Pace.”  He is a gorgeous bear of a man and I am completely enamored by his expressive face.  Of course, I always enjoy seeing Mr. Hale in the nude, but what I love more is seeing him laugh, get embarrassed, and become painfully aroused.  The following YouTube videos will show exactly what I mean:

The Man Who Can’t Take Anything Seriously

‘Toilet Attendant’ & ‘Guide Cat’ sketch

Marbles (or quite possibly one of the funniest comedy sketch ever)