Shirtless Saturday: Anthony Hayes (“The Square”)

The Edgerton Brothers’ “The Square” (Official Site) is one of my favorite films this year.  I’m not even sure if it was released in the US cinemas (as this was released on 2008), but I recently caught it on DVD and it’s spectacular filmmaking at its finest.  In a few words: “Australian film-noir set in the 1980s.”  And you know what?  It all worked fantastically.  As a lover of film-noir, the Edgerton Brothers did a superb job in creating a malicious world in a small Australian town.

With my fan-gushing out of the way, the film also starred a handsome actor that made my viewing even better: Anthony Hayes.  He’s a bit “smaller” for my tastes but his face, beard, furry chest, husky build, and — OMG! — that mullet!  The Mullet was a character of its own and I loved it.

And on to the good stuff.  It’s Shirtless Saturday, so here is the woofy Anthony Hayes in all of his shirtless and mulleted glory…

4 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Anthony Hayes (“The Square”)”

  1. Hey it looks like an interesting fill adding the woofy actor 🙂 … it’s true, it could be bigger but it’s hot even tho it’s not THAT big and hairy ….
    Aside from that:

    Found your blog don’t know how … like 3 months ago, i read it ALL literally ! … i think we have the same taste in bears because i liked every post you made all the way from 2006 or something like that 🙂 … but i was disappointed when i saw you weren’t posting anymore 🙁 … But i’m glad you came back, welcome again the world of Virtual-Shared-Bear-Respository (Blogs, forums, etc.) 🙂

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