Britain Spellings: Video Game Reunion


My good buddy, GE, informed me about this‘s exclusive comedy webseries called Video Game Reunion.  Here’s the official site’s synopsis:

Desperate to reboot their failed careers, the once-great video game heroes of the 1980s are coming back together… for a reunion. Go behind the scenes into the sordid lives of Mario, Mega Man, and their gang of 8-bit misfits in a live-action parody that answers the question, ‘Where are they now?’

I checked out the trailer, and I was very amused.  I will definitely be checking it out, starting on March 8, 2011.

More importantly, I highly approve of the casting of Britain Spellings as Mario…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Download the HD version of this trailer from GameTrailers

Just look at that smirk *swoons*

He is just too adorable for mere words...

It appears that this reunion will have some pool scenes.  Hmm…  I sure hope that the writers made sure that Britain Spellings Mario ends up taking that red Hawaiian shirt off.  😛


And for some bonus bear action, the actor playing Bowser is Bonjah.  Here he is shirtless in the pool with Peach…

One comment on “Britain Spellings: Video Game Reunion

  1. ChubLuv says:

    Mr. Spellings sure is a beaty

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