Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works

Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds.

The above screenshot was the aforementioned 3-second mark.  My mind immediately processed: chubby cheeks, husky build, beard, thick arms, moobs, peekaboo chest, and slight belly.  At that point, I ended up being curious as to what the ad was selling.  Whether I like it or not, I was definitely interested in the “product” that was about to be sold.

Here is the full 1 minute version of the ad:

This final screenshot  is what we bear/chub admirers would call “The Bonus Shot.”  Sure he’s not shirtless, but the curvaceous build on this cub is undeniably gorgeous.

And, as always, if anybody knows who he is, please keep us informed!

3 thoughts on “Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works”

  1. Wow! Just about groaned my bone checking out this cubby. My interest in the product steadily rose, if you get my meaning! Wanted to pull a chub-and-run on this handsome husky boy. Get in tight with him during a snooze. You get it? Good for an old fashioned tumblebuff, or at least a lazy round of peek-and-cheek. Capisce?

    Wanna toss on a batch of rim and crim with the man. Get straight down there. Real wet. Probably feel like a dream. Get it?

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