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Cute Guy Uses His Cubbish Charms To Sell Trident Layers Gum And It Works

Commercials are, more or less, fairly effective.  They are visual invasions and auditory assaults to the senses which can do their manipulative job in less than 30 seconds.  When I first saw the “Sword” Trident Layers Gum commercial, the ad did its spectacular magic on me as the cute cub in it caught my attention in less than 3 seconds. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Harold Sakata: Oddjob Gets Powerfully Sick

I’m going through my second cold/flu for the past 2 months now and it’s not fun.  At.  All.*

Here is Oddjob (from Goldfinger) with his Oscar-winning portrayal of a strong man suffering from a terrible coughing affliction:

If I was one of those kids groping Mr. Oddjob’s massive bicep,
I probably won’t grow up to be gay.  No sir.  No way.

* Luckily, I have Professor Layton & The Curious Village on the Nintendo DS to entertain me.  One of the best adventure/puzzle games of 2008, in my opinion.  Ow, my head.

Three of the cute bearish caricatures in the game.
The artwork reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville.