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Shirtless Saturday: Summer, Big Bears, Daddies, Chubbies, Speedos, Oh My!

Big Bear speedos 01
The creme de la creme, the best of the best, and perfection personified, in my opinion. Does anybody know who this stunning work of art is?

Summer has got to be my favorite season.  It’s the time where we get to see big men practically being naked, especially on the beaches and pools.  Thankfully, there are a handful of blogs and photo sites dedicated to men in all of their summer wear glory.  The following are just some of my favorites from Speedo Dads:

Shirtless Daddy Bear
I love the vintage look of this photo. This very image is why we daddy bear lovers love, well, "daddy bears."
Speedo Dads 02
Just a perfect photo. Just perfect.
Unfortunately, we cannot see his face, but, damn, that physique is simply beautiful. All I can think of is the word "beef."
It's so perfect that it hurts...
It's so perfect that it hurts...
Big Bear speedos 05b
Ah, yes, such a handsome face as well. These are things that make you go "Woof!"
Speedo Dads 01
There's just something about seeing a big daddy bear relaxing and being comfortable with his skin...

Big Bear speedos 06
You might be asking yourself, "Will, what's up with the blinding parade of white bears?" Alright, let's start off with this beautiful husky black bear...
...and here is a possibly Hispanic husky bear...
...and here is a possibly Hispanic husky bear...
Big Bear speedos 03b
...and a double-dose for good measure.

And now for some variety: big bear firefighters in a mankini, cute chubby bear in a tight-fitting lycra wrestling singlet, big bear hulking out in his speedos, and a soaking wet smooth chub in a triathlon of sorts…

Big Bear wearing mankini 01
That's right. THREE thumbs up.
Big Bear wearing mankini 02
"Excuse me, sir. Did anybody tell you about the 3 "R"s? Relax, rubdown, and remove mankini."
Big Bear wearing mankini 03
Tommy looks around and realizes that he took a way-too-literal interpretation of "Casual Friday"...

Big Bear in lycra singlet
David attached a photo of himself in an email to send to his grandma Beatrice. Unfortunately, David thought that "me.jpg" was his Facebook photo and not his "Sexy Chubby Bear Who Loves To Wear Tight-Fitting Lycra Wrestling Singlet" profile photo...

Big Bear speedos 04
HE: "Happy Bear Day!" ... ME: "Holy sh--!"
Chub in speedos 01
AUCTIONEER: "And we have #175, sexy, soaking wet chub in a speedo. Starting bid is at..." ME: "One million dollars!"

Brad Dumm: At The Beach (2)

The following has got to be my favorite set of photos of the woofy Brad Dumm enjoying a day at the beach.

This one in particular is just so perfect.  If I lived in a big mansion, I would proudly display a huge version of this artwork in the living room.  I can stare at it for hours on end.  *sighs*

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Brad Dumm: At The Beach (1)

For those who might have noticed, I love the beach.  I love the clear blue skies, the serene sounds of crashing waves, and our Mother Nature’s salty scent.  And nothing even better than to see a sexy bear enjoying his time in the ocean.

Here is Part 1 of a 2-part set of the ever-sexy Brad Dumm.

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Musclebear Strongman At The Beach

These are photos from a strongman event that was shared in the old BM Yahoo Group.  Unfortunately, that’s the only info I have.  However, this unknown musclebear is such a massive beast of bulky proportions, that whether name or no-name, he needs to be shared and admired at…

If any of you guys can help me figure out what his name is, these are the only clues that I have:

– Photos are labeled “vsm”
– “Muscle Beach Gym” is written on the equipment
– Event occurred on February of 2002

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[BearPit] Shad Gaspard: Musclebear By The Beach

Shad Gaspard is truly a beast of a man.  He used to be one-half of WWE’s “Cryme Tyme” and I’m not quite sure what he’s doing now.  They said that he’s in “American Gladiators” but I haven’t seen any info about that…  Anyway, here is Mr. Gaspard flexing and posing his massive physique while chilling at the beach.