[BearPit] Shad Gaspard: Musclebear By The Beach

Shad Gaspard is truly a beast of a man.  He used to be one-half of WWE’s “Cryme Tyme” and I’m not quite sure what he’s doing now.  They said that he’s in “American Gladiators” but I haven’t seen any info about that…  Anyway, here is Mr. Gaspard flexing and posing his massive physique while chilling at the beach.






2 thoughts on “[BearPit] Shad Gaspard: Musclebear By The Beach”

  1. dude man i gotta admit your big stacked beast,but dudes like john cena they smaller but stronger than you no offence i mean that so just start workin out every week when you lifting weights every time a week ends go up 10lbs and make protien shakes like not with protien powder that will mess you up after you finish lifting weights if you don’t have a body rocker buy one . oh heres some excersizes tricep dips with a barbell across your mid section for you you need to start at 236lbs. that work your triceps and shoulders and deltoids.ok another one, handstand pushups they work more than regular pushups.ok this is a ab workout knee lifts ok get on a poll in starting pull up position the has to be taller than you grip the poll lift your knees like your sitting in a chair let down in same position it works your hole adominal.alright shad keep makin nat money,money,yeah yeah.

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