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BearJeff: Just Looking Unbelievably Woofy As Always

BearJeff is the hotness.  Scratch that.  BearJeff is the definition of a supremely hot sexy bear stud of a man.  No questions and arguments about it.  Here are some of my favorite photos of him from his Flickr page.

And, by God, if there’s ever a description of a “killer photo,” that would be this very first one.  By everything remotely holy, I’m freaking dead just by staring at that woofy bearpit of Mr. BearJeff.  *swoons*





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BearJeff Of BearFilms.com

As MacGeekyBear had posted about this bear who will one day be in the Great Gay Bear Pantheon Hall Of Fame (such as the likes of Jack Radcliffe and Buster): WOOOOF!!!



Wouldn’t it be great if all our teddy bears when we were kids looked like BearJeff?  I’ll never leave the bed!

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BearJeff: A Woofy Big Bear Down Under


STPBear (new blog), BearFilms Jeff, BearJeff, or just Jeff.  Many of us know those nicknames and all of us agree that this bear is one unbelievably hot, hot, hot, hot, hot and smokingly hot sexy bear.  Anyway, looks like BearJeff and his husbear have returned home from a fantastic Australian vacation.  They’ve taken such amazing photos that I actually felt like I’ve been there.  Check out BearJeff’s Flickr photos and prepared to be wowed by the amazing sights… and, oh yeah, Australia looked really great too!  -_^





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