BearJeff: Just Looking Unbelievably Woofy As Always

BearJeff is the hotness.  Scratch that.  BearJeff is the definition of a supremely hot sexy bear stud of a man.  No questions and arguments about it.  Here are some of my favorite photos of him from his Flickr page.

And, by God, if there’s ever a description of a “killer photo,” that would be this very first one.  By everything remotely holy, I’m freaking dead just by staring at that woofy bearpit of Mr. BearJeff.  *swoons*





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9 thoughts on “BearJeff: Just Looking Unbelievably Woofy As Always”

  1. Too bad he’s a lying sack who strings people on and lies to everyone, including his partner. what a joke. Looks aren’t everything people. Ask him why his nick name in college was “critter”

  2. *pant pant pant* That last picture there just made my pants shrink by about five sizes. ^^;

    I just found your site, and I must say that I am MOST impressed by your bear-ish pursuits. You can bet I will frequent this den of lust daily!

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