BearJeff Of

As MacGeekyBear had posted about this bear who will one day be in the Great Gay Bear Pantheon Hall Of Fame (such as the likes of Jack Radcliffe and Buster): WOOOOF!!!



Wouldn’t it be great if all our teddy bears when we were kids looked like BearJeff?  I’ll never leave the bed!

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16 thoughts on “BearJeff Of”

  1. Looks can be deceiving. He is cute, and can be nice, but one of the most self-centered bears out there. He’ll be a great friend if you have money.

  2. Hey sexii i love u lots babe…ur so hot i wanna do u so bad….hey right bak babe…love u …u turn me on…

  3. You can see more of Jeff in 100% BEEF #19 and 100% BEEF Prime Cuts IV. He’s one of the hunkiest guys – and sweetest men – around.

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