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Shirtless Saturday: Real Thick’s Top Pics/Men Of 2008

Bassbassboomboom of the Real_Thick Yahoo Group has recently emailed his Top 25 Pics/Men of 2008.  Needless to say, the group exploded into a frenzy as these images are definitely the creme de la creme of any real thick, musclebear, big bull admirer…  As this is Shirtless Saturday, I will be posting the shirtless photos from his collection…

real-thick-big-bull-08More photos of this big bull here

real-thick-chad-aichsPrevious posts & photos of Chad Aichs here

real-thick-ryan-kennelly-02Guess who?  You’ll find out in the next photo…

real-thick-ryan-kennelly-01It’s the one and only Real Thick’s all-time favorite, Ryan Kennelly.
Check out BassBoom’s Ryan Kennelly video clip

real-thick-big-hoss-wrestlerBig Hoss of Old School Championship Wrestling
(make sure to check the Photos link on the above MySpace link)

real-thick-and-real-bigI have no clue who this big bull is

real-thick-massive-bruteDammit.  I’ve seen him before, but I can’t put a name…  Halp!

real-thick-mystery-bearlugI’ve posted about him before.  In the comments section,
BassBoom gave us YouTube links of this mystery bearlug

real-thick-powerlifterNot quite sure if he’s the same as the above “mystery bearlug”

real-thick-powerlifter-wrestlerHis name escapes me at the moment.  Argh.
This will annoy me the whole day now…

real-thick-powerbearA definite musclebear.  Unfortunately, I don’t know who he is.

By the way, Double Bass Double Boom is a good buddy of mine and if you want an excellent holiday present for yourself, you need to check this amazing deal of 8.15 GIGABYTES worth of brutes, musclebears, bulls, and behemoths.  Can your DVD-ROM drive handle all of this digital hotness?!

But, first, you need to join the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  And lastly, by becoming a member, he will provide you with this most awesome December deal ever.  It is so awesome that it’s practically a steal to get such a deal.  I proudly own the whole DVD set and it’s worth every penny.  Check it out…

Special for month of December

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there’s also an option now to download as soon as I receive payment. email bassbassboomboom AT yahoo.com for more info.

I’d like to offer the group a big collection of videos I captured myself. From searching the net I know that this kind of media content is hard to find. The videos from this YOUTUBE CHANNEL are just a small sample; we’re talking 8.15GB’s of video clips (higher quality than youtube) on 2 full DVD-r’s of Big Brutes just like this that you can’t find on the internet, for $15US, postage included in N. America ($5US extra overseas) there’s also an option now to download as soon as I receive payment. email for more info.

You can see more clips and screen captures from the collection at the links below. You get all 10 volumes for $15US:

MEATHEADS Collection

MEATHEADS Vol. 1 + 2
MEATHEADS Vol. 3 + 4
and another Meatheads Volume 5 that never had a website made for it, so 11 volumes.

The REAL THICK Collection

The Real Thick Collection Vol. 1 + 2
The Real Thick Collection Vol. 3 + 4
The Real Thick Collection Vol. 5 + 6

To put in an order for the collection or ask questions, email me at: bassbassboomboom AT yahoo.com

– BassBoom

Chad Aichs: Huge Powerlifter And Strongman

These are probably old photos to most of you, but they’re new to me.  It’s the handsomely massive powerlifter and strongman, Chad Aichs.  This is the first time I have ever seen him with a full beard, and it’s definitely woofy.

Make sure to check out his Official Site and Training Log at EliteFTS.  The Training Log does not have a lot of photos, but there are quite a handful of beautiful and stunning photography taken by — who else? — the big man himself.  Here’s one:

Wow, first it’s Bullgoon King, Gerard Benderoth, with the Art Major.  And now we have Chad Aichs with the passion for photography.  What a beautiful world this is…  And speaking of beautiful…

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Marc Bartley And Chad Aichs Do The Belly Bop

“Would you guys mind doing the bears a favor and touching bellies?
I want to touch bellies!”

Lol.  That was pretty cool of them to humor us bear lovers.

Strongman/Powerlifter connoisseur and good pal, Richmoch, recently posted that great video in the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  The first powerlifter is Marc Bartley, he of the flabbier big gut while the second one is Chad Aichs, he of the thicker big gut.  Here are some pics of Mr. Chad Aichs (my new big bear obsession) provided by BofB and Real_Thick.  Thank you, guys!





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