Chad Aichs: Huge Powerlifter And Strongman

These are probably old photos to most of you, but they’re new to me.  It’s the handsomely massive powerlifter and strongman, Chad Aichs.  This is the first time I have ever seen him with a full beard, and it’s definitely woofy.

Make sure to check out his Official Site and Training Log at EliteFTS.  The Training Log does not have a lot of photos, but there are quite a handful of beautiful and stunning photography taken by — who else? — the big man himself.  Here’s one:

Wow, first it’s Bullgoon King, Gerard Benderoth, with the Art Major.  And now we have Chad Aichs with the passion for photography.  What a beautiful world this is…  And speaking of beautiful…

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8 thoughts on “Chad Aichs: Huge Powerlifter And Strongman”

  1. puppyjoe69: you’re RIGHT about what he needs!

    brett: worse than a waste… a fuc**** waste!

    a me me piace: i even don’t think he really knows about his “sexual potential” and how hot he is…


  2. What a GREAT looking man and pair of nice legs as well. It would be a waste if he committed suicide. He’s probably not a bad guy to know.

  3. Love Chad Aichs! Super sweet guy with super hot body that I want to smother all day and night….and I want his muscle milk!!!

    Has anyone read his blog? He was once contemplating suicide. Poor guy…..I think all he needs is a great bj from me then he’ll be sleeping like a bear 😛

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