Marc Bartley And Chad Aichs Do The Belly Bop

“Would you guys mind doing the bears a favor and touching bellies?
I want to touch bellies!”

Lol.  That was pretty cool of them to humor us bear lovers.

Strongman/Powerlifter connoisseur and good pal, Richmoch, recently posted that great video in the Real_Thick Yahoo Group.  The first powerlifter is Marc Bartley, he of the flabbier big gut while the second one is Chad Aichs, he of the thicker big gut.  Here are some pics of Mr. Chad Aichs (my new big bear obsession) provided by BofB and Real_Thick.  Thank you, guys!





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3 thoughts on “Marc Bartley And Chad Aichs Do The Belly Bop”

  1. oh, i love Chad.. look what he does, rolling up his shorts, and showing off his thighs all the way up. we all like hetero guy to do things like that to show off their bodies.

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