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Happy Father’s Day!

Look long and hard enough, you’ll find My Number One Bear wearing nothing but his full Father’s Day suit…  -_^

Donovan Scott: Let Me Hear Your Body Woof


I remember being so instantly smitten by all the chubby guys in the 80’s classic music video, “Physical,” by Olivia Newton-John.  More specifically, I was extremely attracted to the chubby bear with the oh-so-skimpy green tanktop.  (As a sidenote, I also remember getting furious at what happened to all of those beautiful chubbies by the end of the music video.)  Anyway, I would later realize that this was the same cute chubby rookie cop in Police Academy.  Ah, Mr. Donovan Scott, how extremely cute and adorable you are…

Better quality of this tastefully trashy music video here.

Donovan Scott seems to enjoy being ridden on like a whale…
Hmm.. that reminds me of a website that was a major part of my
education on the world of chubbies during the golden age of dial-up…
the ever-classic thewhalerider.com.

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[BearBeat] Donovan Scott: Agile Chubby Bear Of “Police Academy”

I just love YouTube.  If you want some video scene classics, you’re bound to find them there.  I’m doing my best to share as many “important bear scenes” as I can as well.  Those are great archives and I hope that they stay in there for a long time.

The following is Mr. Donovan Scott getting owned in a sample hand-to-hand self-defense training with a big-breasted Amazonian instructor.  While the rest of the 1980’s heterosexual teenage males were going crazy over the female instructor, Leslie Easterbrook, I was going Kajagoogoo over Donovan Scott getting dominated.  Ah, to be lovingly seated on this cute chub’s loveable and huggable frame…  Actually, I’d prefer it to be the other way around.  😛

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Donovan Scott: Matured Into A Woofy Silver Daddy Bear

Here is Mr. Donovan Scott today. He had a very short scene in Psycho III and he’s semi re-enacting that scene… Man, oh, man. He is still handsome and vibrant after all these years. A big, big “WOOF!” to you, gorgeous daddy bear.

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Donovan Scott: An Actual Furry Bear

Well, okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty darn close.  This is the ever woofy Donovan Scott — another bear of my childhood and adulthood.  One of his recent films was Lindsey Lohan’s flick, I Know Who Killed Me (not a bad film at all, for what it was about).  Anyway, I’ll be posting as much on Mr. Scott as much as I can.  Like Keith Knight, he’s a bonafide Bear Classic…

The following are screenshots from Zorro, The Gay Blade.




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