Donovan Scott: An Actual Furry Bear

Well, okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty darn close.  This is the ever woofy Donovan Scott — another bear of my childhood and adulthood.  One of his recent films was Lindsey Lohan’s flick, I Know Who Killed Me (not a bad film at all, for what it was about).  Anyway, I’ll be posting as much on Mr. Scott as much as I can.  Like Keith Knight, he’s a bonafide Bear Classic…

The following are screenshots from Zorro, The Gay Blade.




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2 thoughts on “Donovan Scott: An Actual Furry Bear”

  1. I have enjoyed and been attracted to woofy Donovan Scott since seeing him star in the film “Savannah Smiles” back in 1982, and wanted him to succeed in TV’s “Life With Lucy.” Many disparaging comments have been written about Lucille Ball’s ill-fated third series, “Life With Lucy,” but her comic scenes with Donovan were the highpoint of every episode that aired. Too bad they did not work more together. I think he was the best cohort with Lucy since Vivian Vance! Lucy and Gale Gordon were co-owners of a hardware store and Donovan was the store employee. If the show had focused on life at the store, with Lucy and Donovan paired as foils against Gale Gordon’s character, the show could have been a hit!

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