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Shirtless Saturday: Twittering Faizon Love

Faizon Love’s current Twitter photo is just jaw-droppingly amazing.  6 hours ago, he twitted:

And I feel like singing and dancin movin to the sushine because my black ass is free

My God.  Is this what Twitter is all about?  I can’t wait to sign up!

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Jon Favreau & Faizon Love In “Couples Retreat”

I’ve never heard of this movie before, but when D.T. pointed it out to me that Jon Favreau and Faizon Love got shirtless in it (and, apparently, if the trailer is any indication, Mr. Love shows his “junk”), I immediately marked my calender to watch this film on opening day.

You can check out more screenshots in my smashedbilly Flickr Page (been a member for a year and I just started uploading photos to it).

Jon Favreau couples retreat 01

Faizon Love couples retreat 01

Jon Favreau couples retreat 02

Faizon Love couples retreat 02

Jon Favreau couples retreat 06

Faizon Love couples retreat 03

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Faizon Love Uses His Body For Distraction, A Failed Attempt For Chubby Lovers Everywhere

Faizon Love poker

My good friend and possible doppleganger, D.T., just uploaded this video that I have been searching for high and low everywhere on the internets.  During the final episode of Black Poker Stars Invitational, Miguel Nunez concentrates with his hand while Faizon Love finds another opportunity to go shirtless (well, semi-shirtless).

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Ferris Beuller Asks You To Take A Day Off

Matthew Broderick is not “bearish” (just my opinion), however, he has an important announcement for my fellow Americans/registered voters.  Sure, he’s a bit biased with this announcement, but whoever you do side with, make the moment count by doing what you can to assist and influence others.  Tomorrow is our last chance.  I’m definitely taking the day off…

Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Steppin: The Movie”)

This is the fifth (and hopefully, not final) Faizon Love shirtless scene.  Remember Michael “Bear” Taliferro in “The Replacements” post?  He has passed away in 2006 before his film Steppin: The Movie has gotten released (and I’m not sure if it will ever get released).  Also, the Official Site appears to have been recently registered (which is weird as I was there about a year ago and I got to download a rough-cut trailer of sorts).  For some reason, I could not upload the trailer so here are just screenshots from…

Steppin: The Movie

Yeah, this is pretty anti-climactic for my last shirtless Faizon Love post, as I can only provide blurry screenshots from a film that may or may not come out.  It’s a star-studded cast which also has two of my favorite chubby bears: Anthony Anderson and James Avery.  Okay, you know what, I’ll go the race route and say that they’re some of my favorite chubby black bears.  (My best friend endearingly refers to my propensity to talk about chubby black bears as “BlackBEARries” — specifically with my obsession with Warren Sapp.)

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Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Who’s Your Caddy?”)

In this fourth Faizon Love shirtless scene, we finally get to see a full-backtal (is that even a word?) of a fully-naked Faizon Love.  Unfortunately, it is pretty gross as he cleverly made music with his farts.  What a mood-killer, for sure!

(higher quality version)

Well, beggars can’t be choosers.  This what-would-have-been-a-contender for the best Faizon Love shirtless scene is titled…

Who’s Your Caddy?

Damn.  Seriously.  This is one seriously horrible movie.  It’s so horrible that it managed to kill that Holy Grail naked scene of Faizon Love: the filmmakers made a “big, naked fat guy farting” scene unfunny.  That takes skill.  Oh well.  Fortunately, the “Behind The Scenes” from the Who’s Your Caddy? DVD has more of a shirtless Faizon Love.  Thankfully, other than his shaving scene in the film, he did not fart.

A big thank you for D.T. for uploading this video!

(higher quality version)

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Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Blue Crush”)

If we were going to look back in history, 2002 would be the year where we got one of the best shirtless work of Faizon Love in cinema.  And, oh, was it glorious.  The film at hand is called…

Blue Crush

I’m sure that every single one of you has seen Blue Crush.  I’d even wager that you all have, at the very least, a DVD copy of this surprisingly enjoyable film.  I mean, come on.  Faizon strips down to a very skimpy swimming trunks.  What’s not to love about Love’s sexy love handles?

(higher quality version)
The surfing fun begins at precisely 6:10…

And as a super bonus, the DVD’s “Deleted Scenes” has TONS more of scenes of a shirtless Faizon Love.

For an even more added bonus, Mr. Faizon’s husky buddy in the film is George Veikoso (other known as Hawaii’s own music artist, Fiji).

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Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Money Talks”)

I remember watching the next film in theaters and wasn’t expecting such a treat of a scene: Chris Tucker is jabbing away inside a prison cell while Faizon Love starts to strip and makes his move on the oblivious Chris.  The film is titled…

Money Talks

I don’t even remember why I saw Money Talks in the theaters, but I was glad that I did.  I remember anxiously waiting for it to come out on VHS (lol) so that I could get to relive that scene over and over again.  So thank the heavens for the DVD re-release.

Anyway, I still find it so crazy that most people are “supposed” to find this scene hilarious, yet with a sprinkle of disgust and even fear; while the rest of us would find this to be the most erotic scene ever.  Not that prison rape is “good,” it’s just that Faizon’s character was not even threatening at all.  Or perhaps, my “bear blinders” is keeping me from making a subjective assessment.  Hmm, you make the call.  Here’s a clip from the film.

(higher quality version)

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Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“The Replacements”)

Today’s Shirtless Saturday edition is so big, I had to divide it up in to 5 parts.  This is all about one of my favorite chubby bear actor: Mr. Faizon Love

Faizon is one adorable chubby who loves to go shirtless for us.  I have not seen many of his films so I might have probably missed out on some where he might have gone semi-nude.  However, there are 5 films for sure that I know of (though 1 of them is actually not been released yet).  So we’ll start off with…

The Replacements

In The Replacements, there was a locker room scene where we see Faizon Love shirtless.  Surprisingly, my attention couldn’t figure out who to stare at first: the husky bear walking from the left (unfortunately, I don’t know him), the chubby Japanese (Ace Yonamine), and the big bear in the middle (Michael “Bear” Taliferro).

(I haven’t posted it yet, but the other film that Faizon appears shirtless and is not yet released is from a film that’s produced & directed by Michael “Bear” Taliferro…  We’ll get to that later.)

Anyway, not to hijack this Faizon Lovefest, but does anybody know who that husky bear is?  This is him below in the same film…

Anyway, definitely check this film out as it’s pretty entertaining.  And seeing Faizon wearing just football pants is utterly magnificent.  It also has even more bear candy, such as Jon Favreau, Gailard Sartain, and probably others who I might have missed…

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