Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Money Talks”)

I remember watching the next film in theaters and wasn’t expecting such a treat of a scene: Chris Tucker is jabbing away inside a prison cell while Faizon Love starts to strip and makes his move on the oblivious Chris.  The film is titled…

Money Talks

I don’t even remember why I saw Money Talks in the theaters, but I was glad that I did.  I remember anxiously waiting for it to come out on VHS (lol) so that I could get to relive that scene over and over again.  So thank the heavens for the DVD re-release.

Anyway, I still find it so crazy that most people are “supposed” to find this scene hilarious, yet with a sprinkle of disgust and even fear; while the rest of us would find this to be the most erotic scene ever.  Not that prison rape is “good,” it’s just that Faizon’s character was not even threatening at all.  Or perhaps, my “bear blinders” is keeping me from making a subjective assessment.  Hmm, you make the call.  Here’s a clip from the film.

(higher quality version)

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