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[BearPit] Warren Sapp: A Visual Essay On One Of My Bear Fetishes

Warren Sapp recently announced that he’s retiring from the NFL.  It’s a shame as he’s still young (well, he’s my age, so I gotsa say that he’s young, natch).  Anyway, as a tribute to one of the woofiest pro-football players around, I’d like to use Mr. Warren Sapp to briefly explain why I have this deep fetish towards the armpits of big bears…

So let me start off with this one:


Whoa.  Ouch.  Woof.

Everything in that shot is just perfect.  The closed eyes, the pouty lips, and not to mention one heck of a beefy bicep revealing that wide armpit.  Whether you see it or not, such a pose is utterly erotic.  He is completely relaxed and I can’t help but admire everything about his lovely physique…



I love these types of shirts as you could oftentimes catch a glimpse of those pits.  I love its “tease” factor, if you will.  And in this particular shot, Mr. Sapp is again in a very sensual pose.  Man, don’t you just want to ravish this big hunk?



Ah, yes, the quarter-reveal-of-the-pits pose.  It’s a pose that just makes me want to place my head between his arm and beefy build.  And the sweatier the sweeter.



Dear me, ah yes, here is the halfway-reveal-of-the-pits pose.  At this point, I just want to hug the big man.



This is not quite exactly what I had in mind, but I’m referring to the outstretched-reveal-of-the-pits.  I just love how such a pose accentuates a woofy bear’s biceps, shoulders, and chest.



The full-reveal-of-the-pits is my, well, death sentence.  Ow.  It hurts me by just looking at this.  It’s a potent pose that drives me crazy and I’m basically at this big man’s mercy.  I give up, sir.  Yes, I give up…

Well, let me end this very brief visual essay with a collage.  Er, excuse me fellas, while I go and walk the dog…


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[BearBeat] Sonny Roselli: Cocky Arrogance & Deserved Beatdowns in Pro-Wrestling

I love pro-wrestling.  And if anybody accused me for loving it solely due to its homoeroticism, I won’t lie.  No offense to those who respect the craft & discipline and actual athleticism & sportsmanship of being a pro-wrestler.

In its essence, I enjoy watching the drama on display.  Though the storylines have gotten “complex,” the very tale of good vs. evil is the basic groundwork for all of the conflict and drama.  Besides watching the handful of burly masculinity on display, there are two specific things that I crave and look for:

1. Cocky Arrogance

Ah, yes.  As the typical heterosexual gets aroused from “dirty talk,” my personal phone sex is more of a “tv sex.”  I enjoy watching & listening to bearish wrestlers who are typically “heels.”  The cocky arrogance they exude is almost like a euphoric sexual spell that simply dazzles the eyes & ears and mesmerizes the heart & loin.  The above clip with Sonny Roselli is great, though the following video montage will better explain what I’m talking about:

See what I mean?  Not only do I get the bonus armpits shots with the arm flexings, I get to see a man.  A real man.  Confidence and arrogance become a blur.  He’s a true man and he’s not ashamed to brag about it.  He’s big, he’s strong, and he’ll let you know about it…  This brings me to the second thing:

2. Deserved Beatdowns

“Just desserts,” “karma,” “what goes around, comes back around”…  However you slice it, the cocky arrogant bad guy gets what’s coming to him.  He gets the beatdown that he deserves.  It’s what the fans want to see.  They love to hate the heel.  As I do too, though in a much different manner, since I’m actually loving the heel.  The following is another video montage of Sonny Roselli — this time, he’s getting the beatdown:

To this day, I am not sure why I find the cocky arrogant bearish wrestler getting beat up to be tremendously arousing.  To be clear, I’m not into actual physical violence.  I’m more into the fantasy/make-believe type of play-wrestling, if you will.  Still, I don’t understand why I prefer seeing the big guy get beat up rather than the other non-bear opponent.  Browsing the web, there tend to be more men who are just the opposite: they enjoy seeing the big bear guy beat up the other guy — specifically, smaller guys who are typically “jobbers” (more often than not, these jobbers and babyfaces are smaller in nature and are typically labeled as “twinks”).

Still, I think it’s the fact that I know that these big wrestlers can handle the so-called “deserved beatdowns.”  As they can confidently display their arrogance, they, too, can handle the same “punishments” they dish out to the helpless and weak jobbers.  A Yin and Yang thing of sorts, I guess?  Perhaps I love the strong and weak part of such bearish warriors?

Yes, I do romanticize my attractions.  Thing is, such attractions have been labeled by certain educated medical circles as “Paraphilia.”  Ah, but that is for another discussion…

most of the clips i’ve extracted for the montages came from this source:
ihwwrestling @ youtube

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[BearPit] Reese Hoffa

Here’s a collage of woofy American shotputter, Reese Hoffa.  Bigger quality images can be found in ViewImages.com (I haven’t figured out how to link to the proper page, so just use its search function).

Reese Hoffa - collage 1

The following is a video clip of Reese Hoffa winning the gold medal from the 2007 IAAF Athletics World Championship in Osaka, Japan. 

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[BearPit] Havok

Due to the CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JACQUELINE DINCAUZE credit blocking Steve Harwell’s money shot, here is a reasonably suitable replacement: a wrestler named Havok.  I haven’t fully explored his current wrestling history, but he used to be in a tag team called, The Solution.

Not sure who the other wrestler is, but thank you sir.

Havok 01

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[BearPit] Steve Harwell

I completely missed out on The Surreal Life (Season 6) from VH-1.  Not that I cared about these types of shows, but, dammit, Steve Harwell was in it!  I was lucky enough to record one episode and I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Steve sleeping shirtless.  Unfortunately, the damn credits blocked the money shot.  And just when that CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JACQUELINE DINCAUZE (I will not forget her) credited name was about to fade, it cuts to the next scene.  Fuck!

Steve Harwel - Surreal Life collage 1

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[BearPit] Richard Karn

This is quite possibly my most potent fetish that would literally drive me nuts: Armpits of bearish men. To me, this body region — especially on the marvelous physiques of bearish men — represents man at his most vulnerable state. With his arms outstretched, he is not just literally helpless but also in full acceptance of being an object of desire. That, my friends, is basically a fancy way of saying that I have a propensity towards bondage and S&M. I’m mostly fascinated and aroused with its role-playing aspects rather than the actual physical pain it promotes (which explains my obsession with pro-wrestling). But those are subjects for another time.

The following is a screenshot of Richard Karn with his manly goodness exposed from a horrible movie called Bram Stoker’s The Mummy.

Richard Karn

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