[BearPit] Warren Sapp: A Visual Essay On One Of My Bear Fetishes

Warren Sapp recently announced that he’s retiring from the NFL.  It’s a shame as he’s still young (well, he’s my age, so I gotsa say that he’s young, natch).  Anyway, as a tribute to one of the woofiest pro-football players around, I’d like to use Mr. Warren Sapp to briefly explain why I have this deep fetish towards the armpits of big bears…

So let me start off with this one:


Whoa.  Ouch.  Woof.

Everything in that shot is just perfect.  The closed eyes, the pouty lips, and not to mention one heck of a beefy bicep revealing that wide armpit.  Whether you see it or not, such a pose is utterly erotic.  He is completely relaxed and I can’t help but admire everything about his lovely physique…



I love these types of shirts as you could oftentimes catch a glimpse of those pits.  I love its “tease” factor, if you will.  And in this particular shot, Mr. Sapp is again in a very sensual pose.  Man, don’t you just want to ravish this big hunk?



Ah, yes, the quarter-reveal-of-the-pits pose.  It’s a pose that just makes me want to place my head between his arm and beefy build.  And the sweatier the sweeter.



Dear me, ah yes, here is the halfway-reveal-of-the-pits pose.  At this point, I just want to hug the big man.



This is not quite exactly what I had in mind, but I’m referring to the outstretched-reveal-of-the-pits.  I just love how such a pose accentuates a woofy bear’s biceps, shoulders, and chest.



The full-reveal-of-the-pits is my, well, death sentence.  Ow.  It hurts me by just looking at this.  It’s a potent pose that drives me crazy and I’m basically at this big man’s mercy.  I give up, sir.  Yes, I give up…

Well, let me end this very brief visual essay with a collage.  Er, excuse me fellas, while I go and walk the dog…


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