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Shirtless Saturday: Mikhail Porechenkov

Mikhail Porechenkov - Den D

I have never heard of Russian actor, Mikhail Porechenkov, before, then I saw this trailer for the scene-by-scene remake of Commando, titled Den ‘D.

Check out this side-by-side comparison with the original trailer for Commando.

Yes, the sculpted muscular body caught my eye, but it’s his rugged good looks that made me even more interested.  He completely reminds me of a stacked and built version of Ray Winstone (he would have made a perfect Beowulf).

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 01

A body like Arnold, with a Winstone face…

Mikhail Porechenkov 01

Here’s Mr. Porechenkov in all of his muscular shirtless glory…

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 00

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 16

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 02

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 03

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 05

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 10

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 11

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 12

Mikhail Porechenkov Den D 19

Finally, here are more images and screenshots of Mikhail Porechenkov, but this time he did not shave off his fantastic furry chest.  Why must huscular men like Porechenkov shave away those furry gifts from the gods?

Mikhail Porechenkov 02 censored
Had to censor the female's nipples. But if you MUST see them (and for the love of God, I'm not sure why), go ahead and click on the photo for the NSFW version. ಠ_ಠ

Mikhail Porechenkov 03a

Mikhail Porechenkov 03b

I truly love the following photo set.  Does anyone know where they’re from?  Also, for any Russian-speaking folks out there, may we please have further info on Mr. Mikhail Porechenkov?!  Pretty please?

Mikhail Porechenkov angel 01

Mikhail Porechenkov angel 02

Mikhail Porechenkov angel 03

These were my Google search keywords when I found the above photos.  I always quote my sources; but due to doing way too much work with the translation, I’ll use Google Search as my reference.  🙂

Михаил Пореченков
(Mikhail Porechenkov)

День Д
(Den ‘D)

Let’s end with the film’s DVD Making-Of Featurette (I’m guessing it is from the DVD)…

Dan Lauria: Shirtless Daddy Bear In A Pool

Dan Lauria has always been that archetypal daddy bear figure that I tend to love.  He is stocky and beefy and possesses a look that tells you that he’s a mean sonuvabitch, yet at the same time, he’s also a gentle teddy bear of a man.  I’ve had so many fantasies of being his son every time I watched The Wonder Years (man, if I were Kevin, the voiceover and series itself would have strayed off to the worst, lol).  Bob Hoskins is another prime example of one daddy who owns such a “look.”  And just like Bob, I am completely enamored by Mr. Lauria’s sexy furry body. Those arms just drive me crazy.

The following are screenshots from an episode of Burke’s Law, titled “Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley?”*

* ANSWER: Dan Lauria’s amazingly hot bearish body.  My Cock-a-Doodle Dooley can’t handle such hotness.

Keith Knight: Punk Bear Of “Class Of 1984”

All I can say is even though I love Keith Knight as a “friendly chubby,” I must admit that I also love him as a “bad@$$ bear” who wears totally awesome 80’s getups — especially those that would reveal his husky frame and furry body…  (And why didn’t my high school have this type of dress code?)

Nothing hotter than a smoking hot bear who’s smoking…

If I was that kid actor on the right, I’ll probably screw up my 2 lines or so…

…And I’ll definitely keep staring at that furry chubby bear’s body.



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