Keith Knight: Punk Bear Of “Class Of 1984”

All I can say is even though I love Keith Knight as a “friendly chubby,” I must admit that I also love him as a “bad@$$ bear” who wears totally awesome 80’s getups — especially those that would reveal his husky frame and furry body…  (And why didn’t my high school have this type of dress code?)

Nothing hotter than a smoking hot bear who’s smoking…

If I was that kid actor on the right, I’ll probably screw up my 2 lines or so…

…And I’ll definitely keep staring at that furry chubby bear’s body.



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2 thoughts on “Keith Knight: Punk Bear Of “Class Of 1984””

  1. I KNOW! 80s punk style is SO TOTALLY BAD@$$! I first came to realize this watching the first few episodes of Ninja Turtles! TOTALLY WORTHWHILE (Not really after the first season though)

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