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Super Shirtless Saturday: Unknown Pro-Wrestler Pharaoh

One of my favorite pro-wrestling photo blogs is Wrestling Great.  There’s not a lot of big guys (at least with my definition of “big” is); but for the ones who do show up are simply “great” to behold.  One of my finds is a pro-wrestler who dons a pharaoh costume.  Unfortunately, I have no clue as to who he is and I’m begging any wrestling expert out there to provide us with the 411. [KEEP ON WOOFIN’!]

Kirkpinar: Some Of Turkish Wrestling’s Finest

Turkish Greased Wrestling at Kirkpinar Edirne has been a long-running site dedicated to this ancient sport.  Thanks to that webpage, I finally get to put names on these Turkish athletes.  Here are my Top 5 godlike specimens of bearish Turks…

Ahmet Yavuz is my definite favorite from the set.
That cute face, furry body, and husky frame is just utter bear-fection.

Cengiz Zengin is definitely not a number 2 on this list.  That masculine face,
thinning hair, and chubby body covered with fur is pure bear bliss.

Omer Arslantas may not be as furry, but seeing such a wide body with sexy
love handles and that eternally handsome face is undoubtedly “oiled-up”
material (if you know what I mean).

Sezgin Yuksel is so adorably cute that I feel guilty thinking of him as a sex object.  ^_^

Aydin Polatci possesses that “bad guy” look that I always get attracted to.  His
bald head, big nose & ears, and burly physique in a complete package is amazingly hot.

[BearPit] Unknown Flexing Musclebear

Jim Lyons had shared this awesome photo in the BofB Yahoo Group.  I’ve Photoshopped away the text that’s blocking the view on this unbelievably sexy man’s body (the original can be found here).  I have no idea who he is nor what “lb hambone 73732” means.  It might be some l33t terminology for “I got a boner the size of a ham.”  Lol.  That doesn’t even make sense.

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The Burt Reynolds Semi-Nude Pose

I’m not sure if Burt Reynolds was the very first “bearish” media personality who had posed semi-nude while lying on top of a bear rug (not cool, Burt!).  Whatever the case, he had paved the way for other woofy men to get creative with such a pose…

Those fries sure do look mighty testes, er, tasty…

Mark Addy was, unfortunately, had cheap photographers who could not afford to even rent fake fur for his sexy pose.  But, who cares?  When you’re smoking hot and cuddly as Mr. Addy, you don’t need any fancy schmancy accoutrement.

I would love to inspect his crown’s two jewels.

Jerry “The King” Lawler looks very majestic and studly in this photo.  His beefy build and furry body truly displays his handsome regal excellence.

Who wouldn’t want to dribble that ball?

Terry Crews has got his bling on with that expensive looking fur rug.  His bulging muscles and killer smile are the things that could warm you down during those cold winter nights.

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Donovan Scott: An Actual Furry Bear

Well, okay, maybe not, but it’s pretty darn close.  This is the ever woofy Donovan Scott — another bear of my childhood and adulthood.  One of his recent films was Lindsey Lohan’s flick, I Know Who Killed Me (not a bad film at all, for what it was about).  Anyway, I’ll be posting as much on Mr. Scott as much as I can.  Like Keith Knight, he’s a bonafide Bear Classic…

The following are screenshots from Zorro, The Gay Blade.




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Jason Bane: One Heck of a Monster Bear

To me this woofy bear possesses that perfect bear god physique. He is Zeus. Hercules. Adonis. All rolled up into one complete package. His dashing good looks is the reason why admirers of such men had coined the term “bears.” Just look at him. Massive. Furry. Masculine. Who wouldn’t go weak at the mere sight of this perfection?

Jason Bane 

Jason Bane has a MySpace page which has more photos of him. Make sure to catch his full match against another woofy bear, Rhyno. To my disappointment, Mr. Bane has shaved off his furry body for this match. Still, it does not negate the simple fact that the man is unbelievably hot.

Jason Bane 01

And praise ye Lord of Creeping Wrestling Tights!  A wrestling bear’s navel should always be revealed…

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